Five Ways To Make Money Without Leaving The Couch

You don’t have to leave your home to make a living, you don’t even have to have what some would call a traditional job. There are many ways to bring in a steady income from home, some of them will depend on what you’ve done with the rest of your life, or who else cared about you in theirs.Make Money Without Leaving The Couch

Maybe you’re a lucky one and some rich relative who died in their grand old years left you a bunch of money, so that annuity payment you get every year is enough to keep your bills paid and food on the table. If you don’t have this type of payment coming in you can still make money from home.

Sell Stuff Online

Whether you already have a bunch of belongings that you want to get rid of or you have an eye for vintage and antiques, or collectibles, you can make a living selling things online using sites like eBay. Buy items at yard sales and thrift stores that are worth more than the asking price, and are likely to sell quickly, and sell them online for a profit.

If you have a crafting talent or you are an artist of some sort you could always consider selling things that you have made by hand. You may need to get up off the couch to take photos of these things, but selling online is easy and doesn’t require you to leave the house (you can even invest in a postal scale to get items ready to ship).

Get An Online Job

You could get a job online, from freelance writing to customer service. Many places outsource customer service, tech service, and data entry to people that work from home. Basically, you just need a computer, a headset, and the internet.

If you want something more creative you could consider being a freelance writer, or if you really have a knack for words and some stories (fiction or nonfiction) to tell, you could start self-publishing eBooks. It’s something you can do completely online and you can also do all of the promotions for your books easily from the comfort of your own couch.

Try Crowdfunding

While you really shouldn’t take advantage of crowdfunding as a way to make a living wage, it does give you a way to make money now and again for different projects. You may want to set up a campaign in order to make money to buy your art supplies in order to start your art business, or maybe to buy yourself a better computer to start your new job as an online writer.

This isn’t money that is going to last to pay your bills every month, but it offers a good jumping point to get any money you need in order to get going on your other plans for working from home.