Family Friendly Money Making Ideas For 2019

It’s never a bad idea to get the whole family involved in making money for the household.  Starting a small money-making operation with your family grants more time to enjoy each other and a stellar teaching opportunity for parents.Family Friendly Money Making Ideas

If you’re seeking out a new way for the family to earn money together in the new year, check out what this brief article has in store.  Here are a few family-friendly money making ideas for 2019.

Start a Family Farm Operation

We’re not suggesting you roll out the red carpet for your family farm operation.  There’s plenty of side cash to be made from a small farming setup.  You may need a good tractor, but try to keep it simple.

People are becoming more and more interested in eating healthy, organic foods that are grown fresh and local.  There’s always a market for good food, so get started teaching your family how to make a profit.

Mow Lawns In The Neighborhood

Get your family crew together, and set out for a seasonal money-making adventure in mowing and maintaining neighborhood lawns.  You won’t make the first family million from mowing lawns, but you’ll have the opportunity to teach your kids about hard work.

Have fun making paper flyers to hand out among neighbors, and make marketing a familiar skill.  Real life lessons and quality family time equal a great family-friendly business idea.

Sell Baked Goods With The Fam

Cooking with the kids is a family building tradition in many cultures.  Why not make money on the tradition?  Start a baked goods service with your kids, and make sweet profits in the new year.

Find an original and tasty trademark idea for your family bakery operation, and teach your kids how to put their plans into action.  The time spent maneuvering through the many different responsibilities of the family business is priceless.

Walk Dogs or Pet Sit

If you have a family of animal lovers, you may have an excellent money-making opportunity at your fingertips.  Dog walking and pet sitting can be a lucrative side operation for the family.

The job will also help to keep the family fit.  Get your steps in, and make some money with your family by your side.

Start a Small Home Daycare

Teach the kids the value of social interaction by running your own small-scale home daycare.  You can teach the family, step by step, how to legally set up a business operation in your own home.

Keep the operation going for an extended amount of time, and build lasting relationships with children and families with which you operate.  The social and business benefits of starting a home daycare are unique.