Easy And Instant Ways To Get Money When You Are In Crisis

Instant ways to get moneyFinancial troubles might give you a tough time at any point of life. Every individual can face a crisis where he/she does not know how to get relieved from the clutches of this devil. You might be financially independent but still you might end up in troubles at times. Troubles do not analyze the individual’s ability to process new funds at times of crisis. They simply come and go. Some people are able to withstand the heavy blows punched by the financial crisis and some people cannot afford to.

I am compiling this article to describe some of the few ways through which you can get money instantly and at lower interest rates. You might not be able to get the entire amount that you need but still you can save your face with this amount.

#1 Swipe Your Credit Card: It is very important to befriend a merchant or any shop owner. If you have been there in your locality for a very long time, the probability of having friends running shops is more. They can be your Gods at times of crisis. You can swipe your credit card for the amount that you require and can easily convert it as EMIs at lower interest rates. Some banks even offer EMI deals at no interest charges. If you can get such deals, you will save more in the long run.

Note: This act is purely in contradictory with the rules and regulations of the banks norms. Hence, you should take up the responsibility of facing the consequences if something bad happens.

#2 Self Help Groups: They are popularly called as SHGs. They give away loans to the members of the group at lower interest rates and they are as low as 10% per annum. This can be your golden bet and it is always good to make your mother or wife or sister to be a part of any of these SHGs.  Certain groups give away loans which are not used for business purposes. Hence, such loans can be utilized to gather money to resolve your crisis. It is important to note that such loans will be given to the members of the group alone and not for the outsiders.

#3 Getting help from friends: We grew along with our friends. Your school time and college time friends will be the one who know you better. If you have a very close relationship with them and if they can afford to offer you money on a short term basis without any interest, it will be even better. You can borrow money from multiple friends without any interest and can easily shy away from the crisis. However, it is very important to return back the money on the promised date without fail. Else, it will spoil the relationship.

The above described 3 ways are the easiest ways to gather money at times of financial crisis. All is well and good as long as you have the financial discipline.