How to Earn Money Through Referral Programs

Want to shop? Want to earn money? Want to earn money WHILE Shopping?

Can you believe if we told you that you can make money while shopping? Unbelievable, right? But it is true! Actually there are tons of ways to make money online. Some of them are affiliate marketing, Refer and earn programs, blogging and many more. To learn about affiliate marketing you can read exoclick affiliate case study.

Earn Money Through Referral ProgramsAnd it is all thanks to the help of referral offers. But what are these referral programmes? Refer and Earn Programmes are a brilliant new addition to the long list of offers online web stores already have. An initiative that online web stores have come up with, is their own method to spread their app and attract more customers. But they have crafted this programme in such a way that while they are getting their business promoted, they have made it beneficial to the users at the same time as well!

These refer and earn offer allow users to recommend and share their app to other people like their acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family and stand a chance to avail discounts and earn rewards!
How to Avail Referral Offers?

Avail Referral OffersAvailing referral programs is a very simple procedure. It usually involves the following steps:

  1. This is the first step. A user will first sign into his existing account on the app or website. The user can do this using his email ID and other credentials.
  2. Once he has signed in, he can look around the app for the option that says, “refer this app” or any other such variation.
  3. For those using a website instead of an app, they must click on the “generate referral link” option.
  4. After this, comes the actual referral step.
  5. Here the app user will get a referral link. He can share this link to all the friends in the user’s contacts They can do this by sending the link over WhatsApp or any other such social media platform.
  6. For those using an online web store, they too will get a referral link which they can share with people. They can share this by e – mailing it to their friends. But most websites now have an ‘Invite’ option, where it can invite all your contacts automatically based on the account you have sign in with.
    • For instance, if you have signed into an online web store using your Facebook account, then using the ‘invite’ option, you can refer this app to all the contacts you have in your friend’s list on Facebook. This makes it really convenient to invite people.
  • Once the existing user refers this to his friends, the referee (new user) will then click on the link given. This will lead him to the installation page (in the case of an app) or the register page (in case of a web site).
  • The new user can then install the app, or register with the web site.
  • This will then make the existing user and new user both avail the referral rewards.

Referral Offers from Different Stores

As you can imagine, a lot of stores have adopted this technique of refer and earn programmes. Not only is this an effective way to spread and grow their business, but it gives users like us to earn money and other benefits as well!

Here is a list of some amazing refer and earn programmes by various stores:

  • Myntra Offer- Referred and Referee both get Rs 300

This amazing online fashion web store have an equally trendy referral offer! Under this offer the referred as well as the referee both can win amazing benefits. A friend who is referred to join Myntra will get Rs 300 free on sign up.

But that is not all. There is a reward for or the referrer as well! Refer this app and you can too can earn up to Rs 300. This will be given to you when your referred contact makes their first purchase with Myntra! It is a win – win offer for both!

  • Amazon Refer and Earn Offer- Earn Up to Rs 7000

Up next on the list is the refer and earn programme offered by Amazon! This multi – purpose online store gives win a chance to earn up to a staggering Rs 7000! That is right! Existing Amazon users can refer this app to their contacts and win an Amazon gift card of Rs 200 up on every contact of theirs that signs up!

The beauty of this offer is that there is no upper limit to how many contacts you can refer this app too. Customers can make how many ever referrals as you they wish. This offer expires on the 31st of July however so hurry!

  • Snapdeal Refer and Earn Offer – Earn up to Rs 5000

Snapdeal is another mega online store that gives users incredible products along with incredible deals. And so, similarly their refer and earn offer is a splendid one as well! Shoppers can refer the Snapdeal app to their friends and family, and get a chance to win a discount rate of up to Rs 200. Up on every successful referral, the existing Snapdeal user will get a credit amount of up to Rs 200 in their Freecharge account. Upon their first successful transaction, the new Snapdeal user will also get a credit amount of Rs 100 in their Freecharge wallet.

  • Swiggy Refer and Earn offer- 50 per cent off on next order

Swiggy is an emerging online food ordering web site and app, which has a brilliant refer and earn programme. Users can now sign up on the store/app using  the Swiggy referral code and get a discount rate of 50 per cent off! This discount rate has a max upper limit of Rs 150, and is only applicable on a purchase of Rs 200 or more. This offer expires on the 17th of August so hurry up and order some delicious food from Swiggy today!

  • Big Basket Refer and Earn offer- the referred and referee get Rs 100 credit

Big basket has been around for a number of years now. And they have a refer and earn programme where users can invite people to join the Big Basket community and get Rs 100 of on their next purchase.

But that’s not all! New users who sign up with the referral link will also get this discount rate of Rs 100 on their first purchase!

  • Make My Trip Refer and Earn Offer- Earn up to Rs 1800 per referral

Last on the list of refer and earn programs is this travel and booking online web mega store Make My Trip. Travellers can refer the Makemytrip app and get a massive credit amount of Rs 1800. The best part is that this amount is per referral! If you refer the Make My Trip app to a friend you stand a chance to earn Rs 1800, and your friend gets Rs 1500 in their account as credit!

The Rs 1800 credit amount is split on two ways:

The existing user will get Rs 1000 when the referred contact makes an installation of the Make My Trip app. And the next Rs 800 credit amount is received once the existing user travels with Make My Trip! The credit amount of Rs 800 will be deducted from the fees of their next travel book.

There is no upper limit to how much you can earn with this deal and nor is there a deadline date! How amazing is that?

These were the best refer and earn offers available right now from the best of stores. Hurry up and make use of them before they expire!

Referral ProgramThese refer and earn offers are a really good opportunity to benefit from shopping! These make buying things cheaper as well as give incentive to spread the app to your contacts. Avail these offers before it is too late!

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