6 Steps to Develop the Mind of a Millionaire

Mind of a MillionaireThere is no doubt that the mind of a millionaire functions in very different way when compared to that of the poor and even middle class of society. Wealthy people see money, wealth, themselves, others, and life in general from a completely unique perspective.

Once you understand how rich people think compared to other people, you will become open to perceive the factors that influence wealth & health in your life from a different angle. You can learn how to perceive yourself in a new light, and discover how to change your mindset to that of the very wealthy in order to attract wealth into your life. This shift in thinking is one of the biggest millionaire secrets you could ever learn.

1. Wealthy people think: “I created my life”

Poor people think on the other hand: “life happens to me.” If you want to develop the mind of a millionaire, it is imperative that you believe that you have control over your life, and that every moment is created by you – especially in terms of your finances. Start thinking and talking positively. Stop complaining about your life, and instead start seeing what you can do to change your life. Realise that you control every moment of your life, during every single day of your life. Once you understand this, you will be well on your way to learning how to think like a wealthy person.

2. Wealthy people know that they have to enter to win the race

As the old saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. Poor people enter the race on defence rather than offense, and usually end up losing. The majority of people run the race purely for survival and security, not wealth and abundance. Wealthy people on the other hand run the race with the sole goal of becoming the richest of the rich. The mind of a millionaire is about thinking big and going for the big goals rather than trying to make ends meet. Poor people strive to ‘make ends meet’ and as they are not ever thinking about abundance, they seldom get past the making ends meet stage.

3. Wealthy people are devoted to being wealthy

Poor people often have a barrier against being wealthy – one that has been formed since childhood, and is set in their thinking patterns. Wealthy people want money. They are resolute in their belief, and are 100% certain that they want to be rich. They will do whatever it takes to be rich, and they send out a very clear message to the Universe. They understand that getting rich takes a lot of determination and hard work, and they do not give up in a hurry when things don’t happen overnight. This is one of the most important insights into the mind of a millionaire.

4. Wealthy people think big

Poor people think small. Wealthy people understand that it’s not about them, it’s about the bigger picture and how they can help others. The big ego ‘me me me’ way leads to ruin and misery. On the other hand, thinking big leads to wealth, meaning and success. You will eventually find that your entire life will change the day you will begin to think big, and you will be on your path to thinking like a millionaire.

5. Wealthy people are bigger than their problems

Poor people however, are smaller than their problems. Many people avoid success because money adds more problems, which few are prepared to tackle. Getting rich takes hard work and effort, and again, the challenges are often not something that poor people can handle or accept. Rather than avoiding problems, wealthy people who have the mind of a millionaire have learnt how to deal with their problems effectively, overcoming challenges and growing their success.

6. Wealthy people pay attention to opportunities

Poor people pay attention to obstacles. Wealthy people notice potential growth and focus on the rewards. Poor people notice potential loss and focus on the risks instead. This boils down to positive thinking – always seeing the glass as half empty will often prevent you from seeing opportunity to attract wealth. In the world of finance, the risk is directly proportional to reward – the higher the reward, the greater risk. Wealthy people are always prepared to take that risk for a good opportunity for reward, while poor people do not ever take risks, and therefore never see the rewards. This is one of the fundamental challenges for those who have not developed the mind of a millionaire, and one that will prevent them from succeeding until their thinking is changed for good.



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Bobby Winters is passionate researcher and writer about a range of the millionaire mindset tips and strategies. To discover how you can harness the secrets of the millionaire mind and learn how to become a millionaire, be sure to read T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and visit http://www.millionairemindevents.com.