5 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Blog

secure your wordpress blogA WordPress blog is an open source blog tool allows users to create online blogs. Word press is known worldwide. Around 14% of the biggest websites uses word press blog. Being popular word press blog is vulnerable to hacks and other security issues. There are few ways to secure word press blog from such security issues, here is my entry to secure your WordPress blog.

1) Update your word press blog :

Word press blog should be updated regularly. An outdated blog are always vulnerable to hacks and other security issues. Updating regularly helps to fix bugs. Being outdated helps the hacker to easily exploit besides updating helps the user to use the new features and greater tools than the previous versions. Updating can be easily done. The word press will intimate regularly via notification to the user when there is an update and the user can even allow, the program, the ability to do automatic updates. Updating the WordPress is easy and prevents from hacking. So the users have to keep on updating whenever there is a new version.

2) Strong password gives security boost :

The WordPress blog user has to use strong password to prevent most of the damage done mostly by hackers. Passwords are one of the important things which need to keep in mind while creating the word press blog. Passwords can be created by combining lower case letters, upper case letters and numbers and may be some special characters. Passwords must be unique and strong by various combinations. A strong password prevents most of the hacks. It’s also good to change passwords periodically.

3) No authorization to third parties :

The WordPress blog user has to keep in mind that he doesn’t give access of his site to the hackers or any other person. Any person other than the user shouldn’t be able accesses the files and folders of the user. The host must make sure that the file permissions set to the correct levels. He must make sure there is a limited access to the visitors. Also by limiting the entry of password can also counter unauthorized access. Limiting the entry of passwords, in case of entering wrong passwords, will lock out the users in case of entering wrong password.

5) Backup the database regularly and periodically :

Even having the best the security there is still a possibility of vulnerability of attacks. It is better to have the WordPress blog database backup regularly by the user. Even in case of loss of data due to some brute attacks there is still a good chance of recovery due to regular backup. It is better to have a daily backup.

6) Security scan should be done by the user :

No matter how much precautions are taken there will be still some security loop holes. The user must have a regular security scan of the WordPress blog in order to prevent from any future damage due to hacking. There are few security scan plugins like WP security scan which can help. These plugins helps in notifying any flaws in the security. Having a flawless security helps to prevent any attacks from bots and hackers.

Author info : Vijay work for Lumin, Spencer Belkofer is the founder of Lumin, an Alabama internet marketing company focused on search engine and social media marketing.

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