5 ways to raise money to support your online business

raise Money for your online businessStarting an online business is one thing on its own; the survival of the business is another thing. There are a lot of businesses you can take up online, but the majority of it requires you to start up or maintain them with some money. I am a blogger, getting a blog to stand is not a child’s play, there are some maintenance fee you have to expend, if you want your blog to grow successful, some of those expenses may include;

  • Design: You will not want you blog to look haggard and battered forever, sometimes, you may think it is time to go professional, designing a standard blog may go to cost you a fortune, your blog is not yet generating enough, how do you get that amount? You have to look for ways to raise money.
  • Upgrading host space: For example, it is true that the WordPress blog is free hosting, but the free thing just gives you a 3 GB space, what if you eventually exhaust that? What if you will like to be hosting videos, music and space filler files on your blog, you will have to upgrade to a premium, hence pushing you to look for ways to raise money.
  • Sometimes, if something took you out to be busy, you may like to hire a writer to regularly update your blog.

There are a lot of reasons and you already know the financial challenges you are facing on your online business, therefore I will like to hang up there and move forward to the topic of the day.

Ways to raise money for your online business to thrive

 1.  Freelancing

This is one of the simplest and quickest techniques of ways to raise money online. For example, if you know programming or web design, you can apply for some quick web design or software making jobs online, this kind of jobs pays quickly, all you have to do is to show them proofs of your previous job and they will entrust you with one. Writing is another kind of freelancing, and it is one of the ways to raise money, so many companies pays people for online data entry, all you need to do is to take up some of this jobs and you get  paid at delivery.

 2.  Online Auctioning

You have a project at hand, you ways to raise money to fund your project, there are some items in your home that you no longer use and that someone else needs, you can auction it at eBay, and you get some cash to roll your deal. Example of those items may be your wrist watch, your old laptop, your old snickers, bicycle, just name it, you have them in your house and they are useless.

3.   Writing online paid tutorials

So many sites are online that pays you for providing tutorials on your area of expertise; this is one of the viable ways to raise money online for your business. You may be good at Photoshop or graphic design, some site pays as high as $50 for one successful tutorial. One of this sites you can visit is Tutorial9.net

4.     Selling Photos Online

One of the ways to raise money for your business is by selling photos online, if you are very good with your camera, you can take a cool picture and upload to Shutterstock, you get paid each time anyone downloads your picture.

5.     Affiliate Marketing

Promoting other people’s product is one of the ways to raise money online, you may make use of your blog if you have one, you will need to make the product review and add your affiliate link, anytime a purchase is made through your referral, you are credited a share of the sales profit. Affiliate marketing may not look simple if you are not good at promotion, but it is certainly one of the ways to raise money to maintain your online business.