5 Ideas For Bringing In Extra Cash

Whether you find yourself in a pinch having to pay for an unexpected expense which you don’t have the funds for, or you are trying to pay off debt, there comes a need every now and then for getting cash fast.Bringing extra cash

While some people turn to illegal activity, there’s no need to become the next Al Capone just yet.  Here are some totally legal, and dare we say even potentially fun ways to bring in a little extra money in addition to your job.

 Get a Part-Time Job

The first and most obvious recommendation is getting a supplemental job.  Although this can be challenging for people who have a full time fixed schedule, there are ways around it.

Consider starting your own business on the side which is flexible and on your own terms.  For example, working for a company which allows you to choose your own hours, like driving for Uber.  Just make sure that you have a car that fits their requirements to get started.  Assuming that your vehicle is up to par, you could start making money at any time of the day that you want! 

Have a Garage Sale

When was the last time you searched through your cupboards and took a look at what was going on?  You may just have something worth thousands gathering dust underneath your old pairs of shoes.

Having a garage sale won’t just help you come up with a considerable amount of money quickly, but it will help you clear out physical clutter.  Clearing out physical clutter ultimately helps you clear out mental clutter and will help you in multiple areas of your life. 

Odd Jobs

You may want to consider offering your skills to friends, family, and even neighbors.  Whether you’re skilled at painting, want to take on some babysitting once in a while, or like walking dogs.  When you’re looking for quick money, people may hire you for just about any odd job.  All you have to do is keep your ear out.

 Sell Your Hair

Selling your hair is something which actually has a pretty big financial return.  People will pay top dollar for virgin hair which is over a certain length.

This hair is used for wigs and extensions which are in turn sold for large amounts of money as well.  So consider taking care of your hair as an investment!

Sign Up For a New Bank

Often banks will offer a sign up bonus for new members and the current members which refer them.

With some banks offering as much as $200, you can get money for merely signing your name on the dotted line. You’ll also be helping a friend out!