10 Ways to Make Money without Giving Up Your Day Job

making money tipsThere are plenty of ways of making money if you’re savvy and listen to what those around you need. Certainly we know money can be made online via blogging and social media, but these require a great deal of time and skills. Building multiple income streams is the right step towards a solid financial future and while it may not make you a million, it will put you at the heart of your local community.

Here’s a few simple means of earning an extra income that any budding entrepreneur can try:

Make Do and Mend

How often have you tried on a pair of jeans and found that your leg length isn’t available? The centralised nature of the clothing industry means that garments are churned out according to a standard template. Often they are not created for the average person with the average body shape. If you can wield a sewing machine, you can shorten people’s clothing for them. You might even decide to help customise garments giving them a sense of individuality.

Build Websites

Everyone needs a website these days. If you know some HTML, PHP, or any other web language and can to put up a basic site for someone in a few days, you have potential part time business.


That was my dog’s favourite word. Some people don’t get the opportunity to excite their dog with their favourite word because modern life is so busy. Take the guilt out of owning a dog and charge for making sure their pooch is exercised.

Make and Sell Jam

One thing my Mum always buys when she goes to a market is Jam, Honey and Marmalade. And if she likes something, she buys in bulk, giving jars to her friends for birthdays and Christmas. Batches can be made in bulk and sold at car boot sales, or if you prefer spending Sunday mornings in bed, online.

Teach Tech

Modern technology moves very fast and if you enjoy computers, gadgets and apps, you can charge no-so-technically-minded-people for setting up their new smartphones, computers, even their digital TV. You can hold weekly surgeries in your local neighborhood, making you the go-to point for tech questions.

Shop for Others

There are plenty of elderly people who love to go shopping because it gives them social interaction. Then there are those who aren’t able to because of health and mobility issues. Running errands, or doing shopping for

Be a Tutor

In the run-up to every summer, 16 and 18 year-olds get their heads down, revising for exams. Some struggle and need extra help. Were you good at maths at school? Do you know where apostrophise should go in a sentence? Offer your services and help get young people through their exams and towards a brighter future.

Become a Researcher

Do you spend your evenings online keeping up with the world? If so, you could offer your services as a researcher to small businesses, especially if they are companies who would like to create and launch new products, but just don’t have the time or man-power to do the background research.

Sprechen Sie..?

If you speak a foreign language you could teach others, either on a private basis, or offer your services to one of the many new online companies who are looking to connect language students with native speakers.

Do It Yourself

If you’re handy with a drill, or a paintbrush, you can charge those who aren’t, or don’t have time, for the old jobs that might need doing around the house.

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