10 Different Ways of Making Money Through Blogging

making money through bloggingAre you concerned in finding out how to making money through blogging? Well, it seems to be simpler. You just need to follow some simple principles. This process of making money through blogs is increasing day by day. More and more people are getting into this business of making money through blogs. Amount of money you want to make depends on your effort and hard work by publishing a good blog and attracting audience.  Let us check out 10 simple points which helps make money through blogs.

Associate promotions

There are numerous companies that offer programs that facilitate one to sign up as an associate of the company and earn money. Becoming someone else’s affiliate allow you to formulate a cut of the salary while sending them sales and transfer.

Pay per click advertising

The most accepted way to make capital with your blog is with PPC advertising. PPC advertising stands for publicity and promotion advertising. The most usual way to run PPC ads is with the help of Google Ad sense. With Ad sense, you’re can key in some words of your requirement in Google ,and Ad sense helps Google to choose the right kinds of advertisements that match up to the contents.

Monthly Advertisements and selling own space

One of the ways most convenient ways that you can earn money through your blog is by monthly advertising. You can start by selling advertisements in pages. Then you can be seated and watch your ads being purchased and run without you having to do anything much. Advertises can also be directly sold by an “advertising here ‘page which lets viewers know how to pay for the ads.


A very easy way to make money from blogging is by incorporating useful and free contents in the internet and then requesting for donation. Though you should not expect donations from every visitor who visits the site, there are people who will pay because of your effort and hard labor. This can be done with the help of a Pay Pal donate button at the conclusion of the articles.

Become a professional blogger

If you can write well and flowery language, then you could turn into a professional blogger. There are many sites that search for paid blogging jobs. These rates are of varying ranges.

Joining a blogging network

There is a number of blogging networks in the internet where bloggers work for a specific brand or company. These networks provide bloggers a flat amount for every character or post that he writes. A blogger might also receive a percentage of the earnings on the amount of times a visitor visits a page.

Digital downloads

you can earn money by selling e books or other digital products in the internet. This is an immense source of income for you as you get paid when people visit the site, to pay and download.

Be a member of network affiliate advertising

There are a number of affiliate networks online advertising link that connect advertisers with bloggers where you can get paid.

Post reviews for pay

You can write blog posts on your own blog in exchange for pay as there are several companies who want their advertisements to be displayed.

Self merchandise

Last but not the least you can create your own online market where you can sell custom merchandise and earn through it.

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