You’ll Be Alright: 5 Ways to Make You Feel Financially Comfortable for the Future

Feel Financialy ComfortableLife isn’t that bad. Even though people dread getting bills and feel overwhelmed by the financial outlook of the nation, in general everything is going to be okay. With a little planning anyone can feel financially comfortable in the future. Here are a few tips to get you there.

Make a Budget You Will Honor

Everyone has heard that they need to make a budget. It is common sense. However, making a budget you know you will honor is a totally different story. For example, you might want to cut out the $500 a month spent on eating out and fast foods, but for some people that simply isn’t realistic. If you will eat out, then budget for it.

Make a strict budget, and then give yourself allowances. For example, if you like to eat out plan for two meals out a week.

One way that people waste a lot of money is buying groceries they won’t eat. For example, if you buy groceries and let them go bad in your fridge because you’re eating out more than expected, you are throwing money away. Be realistic, and cut the waste out of your budget.

Setup Automatic Withdrawals

If you miss bills and find yourself wasting money on late payment charges, then setup automatic withdrawals. These will save you time and money. However, make sure they are set to come out after your pay goes in, or you might face overdraft charges.

Get a Second Job to Cancel Debts

For those who are severely in debt, there is a sound choice to be made: by getting a second job people can cancel out their debts and get back on track for future comfort. Make a one-year plan to be out of debt so that you can quit working such hard hours. If your mind knows the hard work will be short-lived, then your body won’t become as fatigued.

Plan to Succeed Everyday

If you aren’t allowed to eat lunch out according to your budget, then make sure you shop for lunch groceries and make your lunch everyday. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for failure. Every single day you should endeavor to succeed.

Review your budget periodically and make adjustments as necessary. You should plan to save as much of your paycheck as humanly possible. Whether that is just ten dollars for you or thousands isn’t really the point: the point is to train your mind to have restraint.

Follow Expert Advice

Read the articles and books of experts to find out how they are succeeding. Even if their methods don’t apply to you (for example, you can’t invest in multi-million dollar companies), you will still be enlightened and excited about the possibilities out there. Ken Fisher’s book, Debunkery, is one great read for those who want to become financially comfortable and self sufficient.

If you follow these four methods of debt reduction and budgeting, you will find yourself more comfortable financially. With any luck, you could be living without the panic of a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle in just one short year.