What Makes Gold and Silver The Perfect Assets for Self-Managed Super Funds?

Self-managed super funds (SMSF) support you in your retirement days by preserving your wealth. Balance must be the focus of any super fund, including a portfolio of assets that do not crash simultaneously. Gold and silver bullion traditionally work as defensive assets providing a haven by balancing your risks.Gold and silver perfect assets

Large hard assets do not offer ultimate flexibility as bullion does. Considering that physical gold and silver are divisible and liquid assets, you can sell them when needed. Partnering with a precious metal trader of repute like goldstackers.com.au gives you access to internationally recognized brands.

Secure Your Future

Setting up your SMSF is best done by your financial advisor. In volatile global market conditions experiencing sporadic inflations and falling real estate prices, an SMSF covers you in such uncertainties.

When you need a reliable tool to protect your wealth and diversify your portfolio, silver and gold bullion are worth trusting. Their long-standing track record ensures that precious metals remain lucrative. As the value of these metals appreciates, you enjoy a higher return on investment.

Precious Metals and SMSF

You are entitled to hold physical bullion in your SMSF. In particular, gold and silver are popular SMSF assets for the listed reasons:

  • Offer diversification above traditional assets
  • Highly liquid thus, it serves as security during economic turmoil
  • Provide your investment portfolio with a safety net
  • Assure you of steady annual returns

Storing your bullion assets in a secure and insured vaulting facility provided by reputed firms is advisable. While collectible items like bullion coins necessitate independent storage, a different set of regulations applies to silver and gold bars.

Important Considerations

Adding precious metals to your SMSF portfolio, although permissible, requires you to take into account the following:

Precious Metal Type

Under the precious metal category, unique items whose face value exceeds the value of metal are not permitted as assets. Bullion bars and coins do not fall under this bracket; hence, they are popular SMSF investments, especially silver and gold.

Asset Security

You are responsible for securely protecting precious metal assets you invest in as a Trustee of the fund. Although certain bullion forms like gold and silver bars can be stored at home, it is not recommended. Preferably avail of a dedicated vault service for storage purposes.

Reporting and Auditing Criteria

Every financial year your SMSF needs to be audited. In the audit, the auditor must confirm the quantity and type of precious metal inventory.

Insurance details, including correct replacement value and storage information, are also corroborated. The latter establishes whether your bullion assets are available for personal use or not.

With gold and silver bullion assets, you earn a return when their corresponding prices appreciate at the time you intend to sell. An SMSF bullion investment is entirely valued on the spot prices of the precious metals you own.

Approach an experienced and authorized precious metal dealer who only sells pure investment-grade bullion. Every bullion bar or coin you source from a trusted authority reflects its purity, weight, and brand logo duly stamped.