Top 5 Banks Providing Home Loan with Interest Rates

home loanIt is the dream of every body to possess home since it is regarded as one of the basic necessities along with food and clothing. A big chunk of people across the world are doing their level best to become the owner of house since they know that it is indeed one of the biggest priorities of today. If you have home, you will be saved from the tensions and worries of giving rent as well. After all, being a proud owner of a prized home has so many advantages that even words stop short of expressing the same.

You can construct the house according to your own will and simultaneously make modifications as well. What more you want when the property rates are increasing on daily basis and along with that cost of your home will equally sky rocket as well. Isn’t it? Therefore, considering the immense advantages, it is indeed going to be a smart choice for you to make arrangement for getting a home for yourself. So, what if you do not have sufficient amount of money to buy a home, thanks to the reasonable home loan rates which are given by the banks, one can accomplish the long cherished dream of possessing a home which he has only dreamt uptill now.

  1. Sbi home loan interest rate

SBI is the largest Indian bank which has so many branches in India and it offers quite tempting sbi home loan interest rate.

  • For upto Rs 30 Lakhs, the interest rate will be 9.95% and thereafter it will be 10.10%
  • One has to give processing free at the rate of 0.125% for upto 25 lakhs and between 25 and 75 lakhs it is Rs 3,250 and thereafter beyond that it is 5,000
  • The best thing is that you do not have any payment charges.


  1. HDFC home loan interest rate

Who else can deny one of the renowned private banks of India namely HDFC as it is known for its exemplary service by going overboard to help them.

As far as HDFC home loan interest rate is concerned, it is mentioned as the following

  • The bank charges 10.15% for upto Rs 30 lakhs and thereafter 10.40%0.5% of the loan amount will be charged as the processing free
  • Here as well, the customer is not required to shell any money in the form of payment charges.


  1. LIC Housing Finance Limited home loans
  • As far as LIC Housing Finance Limited home loans is concerned, its charges are fixed at 10.25% for 2 years and beyond that it is going to be 10.95%.
  • You will be charged 1% of the home loan amount
  • You do not have to pay any thing as payment charges


  1. ICICI Bank home loan interest rate


  • The bank charges 10.25% till 3 years which is fixed and beyond that it is 10.50%
  • It charges 0.5% of loan amount as processing fee
  • You do not have to pay any thing as payment charges


  1. Indian Bank home loans

Here, the bank charges 10.50% for upto 30 lakhs and thereafter it becomes 10.75% and payment charges are nil.