Want To Start A Software Business? Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

The Dot-Com bubble mentality is back, and in full force. But this time, it’s all about homebrew, iterative, DIY technology development. Sites like Hacker News and Killer Startups make it sound so easy to create a new product and bootstrap your way to overnight riches. But the truth is quite different. No matter how original … Read more

Tips for Finding the Best Investment Opportunities

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when trying to find investment opportunities is using their capital to invest in a small business, despite the fact that this type of investment offers the most time-consumption and highest risk. With careful planning however, small businesses can offer plenty of rewards, internally as well as … Read more

How to Sell Gold for Cash Online

Selling gold is an easy get rich quick scheme that many people are cashing in on. However, one mistake that many are making is that they sell gold online without doing any prior research, and they unknowingly get less cash for gold than they should be getting. Selling gold online is definitely an easy way … Read more

Practical Advice for Setting up an Online Shop

Before setting up a web shop, there are several factors and technical elements that need to be addressed, and decisions to be made before your business can consider processing transactions and making orders online. First and foremost, before going into details of creating an online shop, it is important to assess whether the use of … Read more