Is A Portable Generator A Good Investment?

It is always best to expect the unexpected, with this in mind, homeowners are keen to protect the biggest investment that ensures the safety of their family; their home. In order to do this, it is always good to consider what could potentially happen in unexpected circumstances, such as inconsistent weather conditions which often lead to unpredictable emergencies. By investing in a portable generator you are always covered for those emergency power outages.Portable Generator A Good Investment

Portable generators are a cost-effective alternative to a standby generator. They are brilliant in an emergency as they will keep the power running to the best of their abilities and are super easier to set up and run. They can be stored in the garage, but you must ensure that you start it up a few times a year to make sure that it can provide power when you need it the most.


Portable chargers are very easy to access, they can be purchased simply at the click of a button As there are many portable generators on the market, it is always best to do your research before investing your money in a product that will be in storage most of the year. You should always consider getting one that is suitable for you and your situation, your household size, and how much power you will need. If you are not comfortable purchasing a portable generator online, you can always head over to your local garden center or supercenter and take it home the same day.


One of the main reasons people tend to purchase portable generators over backup generators is that they are much cheaper. The average cost of a portable generator ranges from $500 to $2000, depending on how much power you would like to supply in an emergency, branding, and location of purchase. This is much cheaper than a backup generator which prices into the thousands. Installation and operating the portable generator is inexpensive also, the only factor that must be considered is having sufficient gas in the generator. This would be the only additional cost of maintaining the generator.


It is ever so simple to install a portable generator, there is no fuss nor any mess, and no long-winded instruction manual. Simply purchase the generator of your choice, fill it with the correct gas and plug in the required essentials that need the power. But, you must not pour the gasoline in and leave it in storage as the gas may stop working as it has turned ‘gummy’ due to being left standing for long periods. To prevent this from occurring, you must ensure that you regularly maintain the generator by starting it up a few times a year to allow it to be used in an emergency.


Although the whole home will not be powered up with a portable generator, during a heavy storm you will be grateful that you have power to the essential appliances, such as fridges or freezers, microwaves, televisions, etc. Portable generators can provide you with hot water, as well as air conditioning, depending on which one you choose to purchase. This ultimately will allow you to be comfortable during storms and other unprecedented weather conditions. Portable generators are commonly plugged into the natural gas line, so they take a few seconds to activate meaning that the response to emergencies is almost immediate.


However, backup generators are not without flaws. Although they are cost-effective and are much less of a hassle than backup generators, there are some risks involved with the purchase of a cheap portable generator. The life span of a portable generator is much shorter than a backup generator, especially if you have decided to go for a cheaper one, which you can find more about if you click here, as they may start deteriorating after a few years of usage and there may be many problems that you find yourself in due to the portable generator. Some problems may be that the engine becomes faulty or stops working, the gas may start gumming up or the unit may just give up altogether.

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Whether it be to power your home during storms and run essential appliances, or because rodents have eaten through your power, the assurance of a reliable generator is what makes you feel comfortable and what causes you stress. It is imperative to know that there is a reliable generator that will work when needed, without causing any issues or hardship. Some generators may not work as they have not been kept in good working conditions, this then makes the whole point of investing in an emergency generator redundant.

Warranty and Noise

The warranties on portable generators are not always worth the amount of money you pay for them. The cheaper generators usually come with a one year warranty which is not useful as the whole point of the generator is to be used in an emergency every few years. So if the generator stops working after a year there is nothing much you can do other than to purchase another one, this then defeats the whole point of purchasing a portable generator as you will be spending more money than you would have initially sought to.

No matter what generator you purchase, they will all create some level of noise. The difference between background noises that are tolerable to loud, obnoxious, and problematic noises that cause nuisance is the type of portable generator you buy. When better quality materials are used, with sound-dampening utilities the overall noise levels are much lower than cheaper generators. Noise levels can have an impact on you at times when there is a situation where you need an emergency generator, they can add to the amount of stress you are in and can cause you irritation, so this is why it may not be a good investment.

The question of whether a portable generator is a good investment depends on many factors, it is always best to consult experts and research potential purchases. Always read instructions and take all safety precautions listed to avoid injuries and damage.