Interesting Insurance Facts Which You Have Never Heard Of

Interesting Insurance FactsAlthough, one needs to be quite “serious” prior to undertaking insurance, yet interestingly, it is synonymous with various “mind-blowing” facts which will make everybody “wow” for sure.

It can’t be more hilarious than to note that insurance companies have broken all the traditional boundaries of insuring the “usual commodities” such as belongings, vehicles etc. They are ready to insure any thing, “just anything”. It can’t be more exciting to note that innovation has caused insurance companies towards insuring body parts of famous celebrities including their voice.

It is due to the insecurities of famous celebrities, which make them take extreme step and perhaps they equally do not have any other option as well. The professional commitments usually involve indulging in lots of action sequences which make move to be all the more necessary for these celebrities as well.

Musician Bruce Springsteen is bestowed with lovely voice and he insured it for whopping 3.5 million pounds. That’s certainly an eye opener considering the amount of money which goes towards insuring the asset.

When there is a mention about the renowned personalities, justice wont be done if there is no inclusion of one of the world’s greatest footballer namely David Beckham. After all, football demands you to be at the best of your health as legs play an important role towards making the moves. So, he insured them for $35 million each.

Keith Richards is a renowned guitarist who rightly knew the importance of the middle finger. He insured just his finger for a whopping sum of $1.6 million. His fear was justified considering the profession, he is in. Isn’t it?

How can our Bollywood celebrities be far behind?

Superstar Rajini has insured as well as copyrighted his voice. Therefore, if you thought that you can use the voice for commercial purpose, in terms of mimicking etc. think again. You will be sued for the same.

After the Dostana movie was released, John Abraham covered his rear with a policy for whopping 10 crore. It is something which will surely make us awestruck to the core. Isn’t it?

ING Life Insurance Romania became the official new Guinness World Record Holder. Why? Since, the company has the credit of issuing the largest insurance policy in the history. Hence, it was enough towards startling every body as well.

If you thought that there is an end to the madness, think again. Insurance companies have come up with some of the policies where they are going to have payout for twins. It is due to their “unusual” acts which have made the topic even more interesting. Therefore, you will have loads of reasons to be glued, thanks to the “out of the world” acts which made insurance companies to be in the limelight.

In the present era, it might surprise you to the core, but in London way back in 1901, there was not any automotive traffic. The thought to insure cars was not even generated with the launch of Petrol powered cars. However, having said that, the insurance of the first car was done under a maritime insurance policy which was issued by Lloyds of London.

Finally, after reading the aforesaid article, you are surely going to experience one of the best times of your life. It will give you never ending smiles thanks to these “out of the blue” researches. These are the choicest of fun and interesting facts which you are never going to hear in future for sure. Therefore, if you still thought that Insurance is synonymous with boredom, think again.