How to Invest for Your Child’s Long Term Needs & Plans

Parents are always worried about their children and are under the constant thought of how they can financially secure their child’s future. Having this thought is pretty evident because all parents wish to give their children a better future. And in today’s world, it comes with a cost. So if you wish to invest for your child’s future for their marriage or their overseas education, you need to start investing right away.Invest for Your Child’s long term needs

The only way you are going to fund success in financially securing your child’s future is by investing regularly and keeping a long term investment horizon. Because investment tools like mutual funds tend only to give returns when they remained invested for the long run. Mutual funds are professionally managed funds which collect money from investors. And invest this pool of fund in such a way that matches the scheme’s investment objective. Mutual funds generally invest in Indian as well as foreign markets across various assets like equity, debt, treasury bills, government securities and other money market instruments.

So if you are making a child investment plan with the help of mutual fund, here are few tips that might come in handy.

How to Invest for Your Child’s Long Term Needs & Plans

Have A Long Term Investment Horizon

If you have just become a parent or a to-be parent, you still have 15 to 18 years in hand before your child attains adulthood. Also, to meet long term goals like building a corpus for your child’s marriage or their overseas education, you will need to remain invested for a long period of time. Mutual fund investments cannot build a corpus overnight. You need to give these investments some time if you wish to see them grow. Hence, it is better to have a long term investment horizon before while investing in mutual funds for securing your child’s future.

Start A Mutual Fund SIP For Regular Investing

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is an electronic payment method where one can instruct their bank to automatically debit a fixed amount every month and direct it towards their mutual fund. One good thing about SIP is that you need not manually pay your mutual fund investment amount and can be done from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop. Also, with auto debits, you begin to invest regularly, a habit every investor needs to inculcate if they want to save enough for their child’s future. So it is better that you start investing in mutual funds via SIP.

Cut Down On Unnecessary Expenses

To invest regularly, you need to have enough cash in hand. And to make sure that you do not run out of money at the end of every month, you need to start managing your money smartly. Cutting down on your unnecessary expenses can be one way to invest regularly. And you will not even have to worry about managing your monthly expenses. If you spend on eating outside, try cutting it down, instead of using a personal vehicle to work, try opting for public transport. Try making these small changes in your daily life and you can start saving enough for your child’s future.

Limit Your Investments To Your Risk Tolerance

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk, and hence, returns from these investments are never guaranteed. So you should be ready to face some losses during turbulent market conditions, and risk tolerance is an individual’s ability to bear certain losses. Remember that you are saving for your child’s future, and hence investing beyond your risk appetite might not be a good idea.

We hope that you are able to save a decent corpus so that you can financially secure your child’s future. You can also consider investing in solution oriented funds like children gift fund, which invests keeping in mind that the investor wishes to raise money for their children. Do adequate research before you invest anywhere and if needed, seek the help of a professional advisor.