The Best Investment Options to Build Wealth in 2024

People invest for different reasons, including to build wealth or to have enough to retire early. A common theme among all investors is that they want investments that give them a good to a great return on investment, are low risk, and also give them a return as quickly as possible. However, investment options with high and fast returns and low risk do not exist. Risk and reward are related and so when choosing an investment option, you need to think about your risk appetite and your ability to recover from a loss. In this article, we will look at the best investment options that balance risk and return somewhat to give you the best return given enough time.Best Investment options

Top Investment Options To Build Wealth In 2024

Real Estate

The housing market is seeing a resurgence in many parts of the world, with house prices rising in America and Canada. This makes real estate a great investment to get into right now. If you would like to invest directly into real estate by purchasing property, you will need a large cash infusion that you may not have. If you are in this situation and still need to invest in real estate, you should consider real estate investment trusts (REITs), especially those that focus on residential properties.

Remember that commercial real estate is not doing so well right now due to a lot of people and companies switching to remote work. Additionally, retail properties are also affected by the current state of the world, so avoid REITs that focus on retail and wholesale commercial properties. The best way to handle these REITs is to keep an eye on them because experts expect them to pick up as things get back to normal, although that might be a little while away

If you still choose to invest in real estate and have the funds, go with rental housing. Rental housing is a great investment for those looking to manage their own properties and who do not mind dealing with tenants. You will need to purchase the units outright or finance them. Rental housing can be a great long-term investment option if you purchase units that have a lot of life left in them or are in a desirable location. For example, properties on golf courses (such as those via are popular with both golfers and those who just want to spend their holiday in a relaxing environment.

Real estate and rental housing investments are great for long-term investors who do not mind managing their investments and who prefer a regular income.


Stocks is another best investment options to build wealth in 2023. While no one can say for certain how the stock market will look this or the next year, a look at historical data can help us see why investing in stocks is a great option. Stocks have outperformed most other investment options over the long term (10-20 years) and this is what makes them a great idea for those looking to invest in the long term, such as for retirement.

When investing in stocks, it is always good to be selective and to have cash reserves if you choose to invest through an index. This is because most indices rely on the prices of the stocks of specific sectors, such as tech, and when that sector starts to decline investors might start seeing negative returns. Having the cash reserves to enter other options such as EFTs is always better.

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To help you decide which of the options would be better for you and your financial goals, you should choose a trading platform that has humans standing by to help you choose the best options. There are lots of established trading platforms that cater to different types of traders, whether you want to invest in individual stocks, indices, EFTs, or mutual funds. WealthSimple has a useful guide to help you choose the right trading platform in Canada. It can also help if you are looking to buy and sell thousands of funds and stocks, thanks to the WealthSimple platform; there are also additional financial tools to help you invest in other types of investment options such as Bitcoin. WealthSimple has real humans standing by to help you choose the best investment options, as well as answer any financial questions you may have.

Government Bond Funds

Depending on where you live, you might have access to government bond funds. These are mutual funds and EFTs that are secured and offered by governments around the world. While other mutual funds and EFTs invest in stocks and other assets, these types of funds invest in debt vehicles. These include T-notes, T-bills, T-bonds, and securities issued by enterprises that are sponsored by the government.

These funds are great for those looking for a low-risk investment option because their returns are almost guaranteed. Investors like these funds because they are great long-term investment vehicles with the downside being that they may be affected by the prevailing interest rates.

Although these funds are offered as government bonds and notes, they are often not backed by the government. They are also affected by inflation rates like most other investment options where your money is not being used in active investments.

High-Yield Savings Accounts

A lot of people are familiar with savings accounts that pay a percentage interest on their cash balances. There is a new type of savings account known as a high-yield savings account. These savings accounts are available online and typically offer better interest rates than banks. This is because these online “banks” have lower overhead costs and they usually pass these savings to their customers. These accounts also give you quick access to your money through a transfer to a traditional bank account or an ATM.

A worry you might have about these accounts is if there is a risk of losing your money. You do not have to worry about losing your money because these institutions are always insured (something you should always look for before depositing cash with them). One thing to consider is the interest rate. This is because if the interest rate is overtaken by the inflation rate in the future, you will be losing money.

Invest In Yourself

While it may seem out of place to talk about investing in yourself when discussing investment options, it is not that far-fetched. To invest, you need to save some money to put into the investment. Investing in yourself means giving yourself the knowledge and tools to either make more money to have a lot more to invest or learning how to invest yourself. You can even invest on your passion. Having more money helps you earn a higher return on the investments you choose to make as you end up investing more money, and learning how to invest helps you put money in the right investment options. Both of these can go a long way in helping you build wealth.

Retirement Savings Plans and Options

Retirement savings plans are not investments but are instead platforms you can invest in. The contributions you make to your investment plan are not tax-deductible before retirement but the income you earn by investing in retirement is tax-deferred. This means that you will be taxed when withdrawing money from the retirement fund. Usually, the difference between a tax-deferred account and one that is not is 3%. This can make a massive difference if the saving period is 20 or 30 years.

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Another option is investing in accounts that are matched by your employer. This means you get free money for every contribution you make, and you end up with double the amount you would have saved in an account not matched by your employer.

One thing to think about is transferring the account if you ever decide to move jobs. Although there is little chance of you losing this money, it is always a great idea to talk to your employer when setting up the account to learn about all your options.

Dividend Stock Funds

Some companies offer stock options that pay a dividend annually. These dividends are part of the company’s profit divided among the shareholders, depending on the number of shares they have. With a dividend stock, you not only gain by waiting to sell the stock in the future, but you also gain through the company growth through dividend payments.

Buying individual stocks can be a great way to get these dividends, but it is always highly risky. Buying them in a group, as part of a dividend stock fund, is a great way to not only get more dividends on your investment but also to minimise risk.

Dividend stocks are one of the best investment options to builld wealth. These types of stocks are suited for investors who want to lower their risk as much as possible while getting a regular income. This is why some financial advisors recommend them for those nearing retirement. However, although dividend stock funds do not carry as large a risk as non-dividend stocks, they still carry some risk.

Always choose companies with increasing dividends year over year instead of those that have a high yield today. Also, choose companies that have a good reputation because even when they reduce their dividend payments, there is little chance they will scrap their dividends altogether.

Building wealth is usually about finding options that help you accumulate assets. Finding the right investments can be challenging, but there are options for both beginner and experienced investors. If you ever get stuck, get in touch with a financial advisor, and they will set you on the right investment path.