Best 5 Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding

Wedding is indeed a special moment in the life of an individual and we rightly want to make it special, coveted and priceless. However, in the process we happen to waste a lot of money in the process since basically in a world where we are concerned about the “show off” we tend to celebrate the occasion by wasting a lot of money even beyond our capabilities. Usually, the budget which we allocate for wedding turns out to be way more than expected and this is the story of the whole society where people are spending way more than their budget could allow.

Hence, in the following post I have come up with the best 5 ways to save money on your wedding:-

save money on your weddingBeauty of the place

The over all ambience of wedding is nothing without decoration. The use of charismatic and lovely flowers can just enhance the overall beauty of the place even further. Therefore, one of the ways to save money on your wedding is to hold your wedding in a beautiful place like a garden which already sets the beauty of a place and your guest will indeed get a delight about the area, since they are able to enjoy to the fullest as well.


The location of wedding turns out to be quite important. If you are planning to organize your wedding in an exotic location, then by holding in the off season can help you save money.

Prepare a detailed plan

Take the advice from a senior person in your family regarding the areas where you can put your money and how you can buy the best of products at reasonably cheap rates. Since, you have to take care of catering, shopping etc.

Cost of cuisine

What is a party without a food? Since, it is an important constituent and your guest needs to have diverse dishes. Since, most of us have different taste and it is important to accommodate various dishes. In order to save money on cuisine, you need to curtail the list of guests as it will help you to save money on your wedding.


Although, the actual wedding takes place for only few hours, yet the photographs and videos tend to stay for ever. If you have any of your friends who do great photography then you can hire him/her. After all, it is not compulsory to only go for professional company. You don’t doubt the capabilities of your friend who is skilled in the same. Isn’t it?

Final thoughts

If you thought that by following the aforesaid ways to save money on your wedding, you won’t be able to celebrate the best moment of your life in a joyful, happening and great manner, then you are wrong. Since, you will be proud of celebrating the most prized occasion in the best possible manner by equally saving a lot of money in the process as well. My idea of coming up with these ways is to let your guests enjoy like never before. Isn’t it great?