A Weekly Roundup Of Investment Resources

This week has seen some really interesting articles come to light in the investment scene. As we all know, it’s been a big week for politics in some of the most established countries in the world, and naturally this has sent the media into something of a frenzy.Weekly Roundup Of Investment Resources

Today’s round-up looks at a selection of our favorite resources that should do your investment journey the world of good.

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The Telegraph: Monitoring investment trusts since UK election day

For those of you who follow UK politics, this first link might be interesting to you. In fact, even if you don’t, from an investors point of view it’s something worth reading about.

The Telegraph is one of the best resources out there for investments and they have a wealth of information out there on the subject.

This guide looks at some of the trusts they recommend. They have 87 in total, and following the UK election day a mammoth 77 of these have risen by an average of almost 3%.

Suffice to say, for those looking at investing in countries who have a pending election, this might be something that forces your hand.


Wristband: Scrutinizing foreign aid

Strictly speaking, this isn’t an investment article. Again, it’s linked with politics though and for those of you who are being tempted by emerging markets, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with.

The infographic has only just been released and looks at all of the countries who receive money from foreign aid, as well as the biggest donors. Again, for any nation with a pending election, foreign aid is something which could impact your decision.


Business Insider: Where to put your money in 2020

As the saying goes, you should never rely on tipsters. At the same time, when seven of the best from Wall Street are hand-picked to provide these tips, it can be difficult to say no.

This is exactly what Business Insider have done. They have found some of the most trusted advisors in the industry, and collated their views. Some of the findings are interesting to say the least as well; for example, one of the experts suggests that Bitcoin is the way forward (and is still going to be a better investment than gold).


Morning Star: The best and worst of 2019

On the back of the previous resource, Morning Star have continued the theme of focusing on the year-end.

This time, their guide looks at the best and worst performing investment trucks since 2019. Biotech Growth top the charts with a mammoth 43.54% return, while at the other end it’s bad news for JPMorgan Indian Ord who had a -1.84% return.

It’s an interesting read – and might shape your investments for the following year.


Wall Street Daily: A basic investment guide

This final resource comes in a guide format, but for those of you who have perhaps been inspired with some of the trends-based articles we have found this one might be for you.

The author of the guide, Timothy Sykes, makes no secret of the fact that this is “foundational knowledge”. He says it’s suited for those who have been trading for years but in truth, it’s probably targeting those of you who have limited knowledge with the investment game. It’s a good read.