4 Luxury Investments for Your Forties

Getting to middle-age can be a tough journey. Some people struggle with the fact that they are aging and are losing some opportunities available to younger people. Other people enjoy the fact that they have grown older and wiser, with more money to throw around than before. One of the ways many people in their forties enjoy indulging is through luxury investments. With everything from a yacht to a private jet, you could be making your life better while securing a significant asset. Included here are a few luxury investments you should consider purchasing in your forties.


For many people, days and weekends spent out on the boat are a dream come true. Yachts are a stereotypical symbol of the rich and reek of good fortune and luxury. Investing in your own yacht could cost you anywhere from $5,000 to over $1 million. Keep in mind that yachts will require long term maintenance and care, and you will see fairly high yearly costs.


If you love the luxury and experience of a yacht but aren’t ready to commit, there are plenty of other options for you. You can “borrow” a yacht from one of your friends or split the cost of maintaining one with them. There are also many companies in exotic locales that offer “affordable” yacht rentals, some for only $20,000 per day. But if you factor in the savings you may glean from not maintaining one year-round, it may be worth it.

Luxury Auto

Everyone knows a mid-life crisis practically demands a new automotive. You likely have your kids moved out of the house and a better financial situation, so you are ready to invest in something fast and sporty. With everything from a speedy Mclaren F1 to a luxurious Ferrari FF, you can find just the thing needed to sate your appetite.

Fine Watches

Men may not enjoy indulging in the same kinds of jewelry as women, but a fine watch can speak volumes. Similar to most of the other items on this list, watches are a symbol of wealth and luxury; and, unlike your car or yacht, you can keep your watch on you at all times.

While you can invest in a basic Rolex model, the business of watch-making has become far more specialized and expensive in recent years. If you want to purchase a watch more expensive than a Ferrari, look no further than Patek. With multiple watches averaging a couple million apiece, Patek has manufactured luxury, and increased the price tag.

Private Jet

Once you have “arrived” in middle age, with significant wealth and comfort, you may desire to travel in style; no longer will coach flights spent mashed in with the masses do for you! Flying private is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for most people, but it could become the norm for you. While you could rent a jet for less than $4,000 an hour, your dreams of private jet ownership could be achieved for a cool $1 million.