Why to Host Your WordPress Blog on The Cloud

Host Your WordPress Blog on The CloudIn the past few years, the cloud services have achieved a new level of success. Everybody prefers to use cloud services for data storage, image storage or for any other thing. The could services like Dropbox and Google Drive have brought up a revolution in the cloud technology and the future of ‘Cloud’ usage is golden.

If you own a self hosted wordpress blog, then the idea of hosting it on cloud might have struck your mind. Many bloggers are hosting their blogs on ‘Cloud’. Did you ever think that why one should host his/her WordPress blog on Cloud? Here are the best reasons to do so.

Loading speed

Speed of blog is not only important for the SEO point of view but also is a very important factor for your blog engagement with visitors. No one likes visiting the blog which takes too much time for loading. Speed is the first demand of visitor, search engine and blog owner as well and this is what Cloud hosting provides.

Reasonable plans and pricing

The cloud hosting offers you very attractive plans at cheap prices and thus makes it possible for you to lower the costs of running your WP blog. The best part of cloud hosting is that you need to pay only for the amount of data you use. Cloud hosting also comes with the plan like “Pay as you go”. This saves your money from getting being wasted on the unused data.

Always Ready to Handle Traffic Spikes

Who knows that any of yours blog post goes popular and you get a huge surprise traffic. Having cloud hosting can help you in such condition. It would not let your blog to go down and will handle the traffic spike effectively. So if you host your WordPress blog on cloud, then you need not to worry about the traffic spikes.

Recently, one of my blog post goes’ viral.. But sadly I’m running my blog on shared hosting at that time, so as usually my hosting company suspended my account due to heavy bandwidth use. They suggested me to switch my hosting account to VPS, but I hosted my blog on Cloud because cloud is very cheap if compared with VPS.

Security of Your WordPress Blog

While hosting your WordPress blog on cloud, you no need to worry about the security issues. The cloud hosting comes with the guarantee of best security and don’t let your blog to get hacked by some naughty mates.

Moreover, if due to any reason, your blog’s data gets crashed, then you can use the backup data, stored for you, by your cloud hosting provider.

There are many more reasons to host your WordPress blog on cloud, but listed only the best ones here. So what are you waiting for? You should host your WordPress blog on Cloud, now.


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