Why It Is Really Bad to be Blogging With a Slow Internet Connection

slow internet and bloggingJust as important as your content and marketing is as a blogger is the tools you use and one of the most important tools any blogger will have is his/her internet access. When it comes to blogging you can still cope with having a slow internet connection but it won’t help you go far because the era of “text blogging” is long gone and the stiff competition in the blogosphere requires you to be smart and ready to diversify. This post will be giving you some reasons why it doesn’t help to have a slow internet connection if you want to be a successful blogger.

A Slow Internet Connection Restricts Your Learning

As a blogger it is imperative for you to always improve your knowledge. Having a slow internet connection makes learning difficult for you as a blogger while with a high speed internet connection the opportunities are endless. The reason for this is because a lot of bloggers are now making use of multimedia to spread the word and deliver their messages in the forms of videos, podcasts and the likes. You can’t watch videos with a dial up internet connection but you can do a lot more with a solid high speed broadband internet connection.

It Makes it Difficult for You to Create Content

If you’re a very active blogger there is a chance you spend most of your time creating content both for your blog and for other blogs. If you take a look at this method you will notice that it has its own drawback because you can’t post the same content on more than one blog in order to avoid search engine penalties and thus needing you to spend more time and effort writing blog posts. This is not the case when you start using multimedia on your blog because you can easily create a 20 minutes video for your blog and at the same time submit it to a lot of video streaming and multimedia sites on the internet – you won’t have problems with this since search engines can’t watch videos, they can only read content.

It Makes Marketing Your Blog Very Difficult

Another major disadvantage of having a slow internet connection is that it makes marketing your blog very difficult because you will be spending more time doing things you will have easily done should you have a faster internet connection. For example, you won’t be able to upload videos and some other large multimedia files to the internet and you would also have problem using the same content for various sites.

The type of internet connection you use as a blogger has a great impact on the results you will get: achieving success will be easier if you have a fast internet connection compared to if you don’t.


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