Web hosting Tips For Ecommerce Websites

web hosting tipsWhen you have an ecommerce website then it becomes necessary to have a good web hosting company, as you want customers to visit your website and not to run away. With defected service provider who has many technical problems and has a problem in uploading your website you always, think of changing to a new web-hosting provider. You need a reliable web host, which will give you the entire essential feature, which will help you manage your e commerce website and improve it with times. Constant updating is required in these websites and you should have a web host, which will allow all these updates in a user-friendly manner.

Web hosting tips to chose a best hosting company

Since the most vital function of all the ecommerce web sites is payments, and when you chose your web hosting make sure that you get access to one of the two main elements of payment options. The two payment options are collecting payment information directly from your customer and getting third party involved in the payment process.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

If you already have a merchant connection that allows you to process the credit card directly then you should have a secure connection. If you do not have a secured connection then chances of getting paid are less as customers using ecommerce websites are tech savvy who will not disclose their credit card information on unsecured website. Once you get this certificate, you need to install it on your website for which you are in need of a unique IP address. Most of the times this unique IP address is available at most of the hosting companies for little more fees and you need to pay for installing this certificate on your website.

Third Party Gateways

If you think all this sounds complicated then you can always go with the third party services, which will handle all the transactions for you. For payment option, often you have to install a redirect a page and often some of these services will charge you setup fees and commission on each sale. Services like PayPal are free to use but will take a few percentage on every successful sale.

Shopping Carts

This is a Script under special services often provided by the host company to categorize the products and by creating pages, which will describe different categories and individual items. This script is also helpful to keep track of other clients who are returning without purchasing and persuading them to buy other products without they leave your website and allowing them to rate the products they have purchased. Many web-hosting companies provide free shopping cart scripts like Miva, Agora, osCommerce and Zen. When you are choosing your ecommerce web host make sure it supports your current payment gateway.

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