Using Article Syndication to Make Money Online

article syndication tipsWhat is Article Syndication?

Article syndication is a process of getting an article in front of as many eyes as possible by allowing others to use it on their blog, in their newsletter, or in any other way. This is a very powerful technique many have used to make money online. If you are currently using any form of article writing or blogging you can benefit from article syndication.

Recently, with the Google updates, article marketing has evolved into something much different. A writer used to be able to submit their article to a handful of article directories and see a nice amount of traffic to their website or blog. Those days are over and article directories are not getting the Google love they once received.

This has caused many writers to abandon their strategies and start searching for a new way to get eyes on their content. When article syndication is performed properly, you can gain a large amount of traffic along with very powerful backlinks to help you climb up the Google rankings.

How to Properly Use Article Syndication

The first step to successful syndicate your article for free is to gain a few contacts. You want to put together a list of the top blogs within the niche you are working in and find out if they have a newsletter. Any blogs or website with a newsletter will be perfect for syndicating your article.

Create a separate email address and subscribe to the newsletters of each of the blogs or sites you found. Make sure to confirm your subscriptions so that you will start receiving the newsletter. By subscribing, you will be able to see what is in their newsletter currently and you will have an accurate email address to contact the blog or website owner at.

Read an issue or two of their newsletter to get a sense of what it is all about, then contact the blog or website owner by replying to the email the newsletter came from.

Simply thank them for the quality content they have provided for you and mention a few things you like about their newsletter. After a few days, you want to contact them again and ask if you can provide an article for their newsletter.

If they agree, make sure to write a high quality article on a topic that fits with their newsletter. This will give you the best chance of being published and gaining the exposure you are after.

Newsletter owners are always in need of quality content and if you can deliver a well-written article, on a subject that fits with their newsletter, and then you can see the true power of article syndication. Some newsletters go out to thousands of people and their eyes could be on your writing.

Paid Article Syndication

Another way to get syndicate your article is to pay one of the many services to submit it to many different publishers. There are about a dozen great services willing to send your article out to thousands of publishers for a fee. This type of service can range anywhere from $2 per article all the way up to $1,500 per article.

The Power of Article Syndication

Creating relationships with newsletter owners will give you the ability to create a flood of traffic whenever you want. This is an easy strategy to gain a high volume of traffic and quality backlinks. Article syndication can be very powerful and you now have the option of doing it for free or paying for it.

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