Use of Email Newsletters for Startup Business

email newslettersThere are various web based customer retention techniques, one of which is capturing the top of the mind space of your subscribers through email newsletters. Newsletters are of various types like promotional newsletters, informative and educational newsletters, product newsletters etc. Newsletters help boost the sales activities of start up businesses.

However, there are certain key considerations while sending out newsletters in terms of the design, delivery and timing of sending. Apart, newsletters are one of the most cost effective ways to promote small businesses within targeted groups. There needs to be ample amount of subscriber base to execute a newsletter campaign. Building up the subscriber list is imperative. The strength of your subscriber base will decide the ROI through newsletters. There are creative ways to build subscriber lists like pairing sign-up requests with entrancing online content, participating in the tradeshows, experiment with offline events, implement social sharing etc

While sending out newsletters, you also need to understand the delivery framework. (Email Service Provider) ESPs like constant contact, Mail Chimp, iContact can help you deliver the newsletters in a right way without being marked as spam. ESPs handle the logistics of an email marketing campaign for you: subscribes, unsubscribes, delivery and more. These email marketing systems also provide great reports on open rates, clickthroughs and other metrics.

Segmenting the audience according to the content is one more winning tip for launching newsletter campaigns. Segmenting subscribers according to the newsletter content will allow you to attract more ROI from your campaign. There are email consultancies that can help you determine your segment.

Sometimes small businesses are bemused with the newsletter content and at such a juncture it is usually advisable to do a lot of study of your segment and know what is that is viewed and liked by them. Also, try keeping a blend of promotional and informative content. Just salesly newsletters might not work every time.

The major benefits received from newsletter campaigns for small business owners are as follows:

  • Awareness of the product or service through a cost effective channel of promotion.
  • ¬†Newsletters encourage the top of the mind recall and repeat business relationships.
  • With social sharing integration, product announcements newsletters go viral and attract lot of word of mouth publicity and referrals from people globally.
  • Newsletters are impersonal salesmen of your company. They travel miles and deliver value, brand your organization and make a sales pitch without maintaining sales attire.
  • Newsletters provide instant contact for urgent announcements or releases.


Email newsletters can really help small businesses reach new heights and gain on the competitors in terms of external branding and capturing the top of the mind recall to generate repeat business and attract bag full of loyal customers.


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