Unlimited Webhosting Plan with HomeHost

Gone is the day when webhosting plan provides very limited space and bandwidth. In fact, if there is a webhosting plan that specifies a limit for the space and bandwidth it provides, the plan is considered old-fashioned. Today, when internet becomes the primary lane on which most endeavors, ranging from personal activities to small businesses to large-scale enterprises, are run, only webhosting plans that provide unlimited space and bandwidth are regarded as reasonable plans. Website owners can never know how much space that they need to fill their websites with quality content and how many people who will visit their websites in one month to perform not only regular activities like browsing and socializing, but also heavy-duty ones, such as downloading files, streaming music or videos and playing online games. If they are aware of how important the infinitude of the space and bandwidth of their webhosting plan, they will surely avoid plans that provide limited space and bandwidth and try to find one that provides them with limitless space and bandwidth instead.unlimited web hosting

Unlimited Webhosting Plan in Brazil

At HomeHost, a Brazil-based webhosting service provider, webhosting plan with unlimited space and bandwidth is not something rare that is difficult for you to find. This webhosting service provider is very eager to provide you with affordable plan that doesn’t restrict you with limited features. If you are suspicious about whether there are some features that must be compromised in order to let you enjoy unlimited space and bandwidth, you should know that there is nothing that you should worry about. The plan that you buy is a genuine plan with not only unlimited space and monthly traffic, but also with 99% uptime and full support. As a client, you are assisted by experienced technicians and customer service officers who are always ready to provide you with assistance and to respond to your complaints.

Is This Plan Available for Everyone?

Yes it is, but if you want to buy this plan more cheaply, you need a coupon code that you can redeem when you buy the plan. By using the code, you can buy an unlimited webhosting plan that is expensive and exclusive by nature with more affordable price. You can find this coupon code at some websites promoting the plan.

Other Perks the Plan Promises

There are many things that you can expect from the unlimited webhosting plan provided by HomeHost. Aside from the unlimited space and monthly traffic and full support, there are other advantageous features that the plan also provides, which can be listed as follows.

  1. Powerful server– The server you are using is powered with a Quad-core Xeon, a powerful, cool and efficient processor that keeps the server up for 24/7 continuous usage. Downtime can be limited if you use this server.
  1. Perfect for both Windows and Linux – No matter which platform you are using, you can always use powerful and reliable infrastructure that will not disappoint you.
  1. Updated Infrastructure – The plan makes sure that it always uses the latest ASP, PHP and Java technology. The system you are using is always up-to-date and you can always customize your website the way you want.