uCoz : Free Online Website Builder With No Hassle

Free Online Website BuilderuCoz is an online application used basically to create your own website having various features which include polls, news, forums and many more useful functions. This web portal was launched in the year 2005 and has built a good rapport among the webmasters ever since its inception.

The popular services of uCoz other than creating a customized websites include CMS and web hosting. Right from the personal blogs to the business websites and ecommerce websites, uCoz helps in creating all.

It is free to use and the best part is that it don’t require any kind of software installation before starting. uCoz is also a free website host and gives an initial web hosting space of 400 MB. The hosting space and bandwidth increases with time.

uCoz also have more than 200 templates and themes for designing the website and so the newbie who are unaware of the typical designing codes can make their own websites here.

One of the major features of uCoz which made it more popular among the young bloggers is its easy interface. Even a housewife having a minimal knowledge about making websites can create a website with ease.

Apart from the easy and simple interface, another feature of uCoz which makes it the first choice of bloggers is that it provides immense security features. It is nearly impossible for the hackers to hack the websites made on the portal of uCoz. The admin panel is well protected. The admin can also create a custom security levels on basis of the IP address.

No matter in which part of world are you staying, you can use uCoz from anywhere as it supports seven different languages. The user can select the desired language in just a few simple clicks.

uCoz has its own forum where the technical team is available 24X7 to provide the required support to the users.

uCoz is well suited and one of the best online website building tools for both beginners and superior webmasters. The entire interface is very simple and easy to understand and at the same time it also provides necessary modules and tools for users’ benefits.