The Top Factors that Comprise a Truly Effective Website

It was recently reported that there are over 600 million websites making their presence on the web felt. This is only logical – the business that doesn’t have any website in this day and age seems to be unthinkable; no matter how small the business may be, it needs to be available online. It needs to be seen. It needs to be approachable through the web.Top Factors that Comprise a Truly Effective Website

In this competitive world, however, it’s not just enough to have a simple page which people can surf to and visit – you need to make an impact. You website needs to be good. However, what makes a great website? Here are the top factors that comprise a truly effective website.

A clear format

Unless you are born in a country where one reads Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic, chances are you read from top to bottom and from left to right. Research has proven that people who visit websites do exactly that – but even more, they don’t read; they skim. The movement of their eyes has been recorded to be in an F-pattern. Understand this format, and you’ll understand your key to success. If you are in doubt, there are plenty of online sources to help you with this. Follow the F-pattern and create a clear format to accommodate this.

A strong message

Your website is your chance to plant an image in the minds of the readers – that message needs to be clear and strong. Be bold and tell them exactly what you are all about. Your visitors should know what you are about as a company right away.

Easy navigation

It’s tempting to throw in a lot of links about different kinds of information (services and goods) you are offering, but visitors aren’t that patient and want to find the data they need right away. The simpler, the better. Make your website easy to navigate.

Appropriate content

Your content should be relevant – something your readers really hunger for. And make sure to adjust it for SEO, as advised by the web design Cornwall specialists from Blind Pig Media.

Clear graphics

Have attractive graphics; a picture paints a thousand words. However, make sure you have the copyright and that images are easy to load.

There’s one more thing that is bound to give your website higher rankings – an important one: allowing it to accommodate an online community is great for attracting new customers, for building loyalty, for creating events, and for keeping in touch with a hard-core fan base or customer demographic. Facebook and Twitter can help you immensely with this; a simple like or share can help you redirect traffic to your site. You have to be present, you have to be active. You need a website you can be proud of.

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