Top 5 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

speed up your wordpress blogNo one loves to read a site that takes ages to load. When someone lands on your website/blog, you have only a few seconds to capture his/her attention and to convert them to your loyal readers. A website that loads slowly harm its popularity and credibility. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t like to read a website that takes few minutes to load a single page.

Moreover, page load speed determines the search engine rankings of a particular website. If a site loads slowly it will only end up ranked lower in search engines even though it has high quality content than other sites. So, a site that loads faster has several advantages than others. If you don’t know how to create a website that loads fast and within seconds, just read this post and follow all the steps mentioned below.

Install a Cache Plugin

Installing a cache plugin will surely reduce your page load time and it is one of the best way to speed up your WordPress blog. Out of various cache plugins W3TotalCache is the best and very easy to setup.You can also configure the CDN to work with W3TotalCache. You can also use WP Super Cache plugin on your WordPress blog.

Delete Unwanted Plugins

Using too many plugins may slower down your WordPress blog. If your website/blog is loading slowly, just check how many plugins you are using. If the number is more than ten, try to integrate them directly into your theme by using coding.

Setup a CDN

Almost all famous and high traffic blogs use CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up their blog. Popular CDN’s like MaxCDN, cloudflare could speed up your blogs by delivering contents from the nearest server for the visitor.It also reduces bandwidth usage in your hosting server.

Choose a Good Host

Choosing a good, reliable and fast web host is very important. We all know there are hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies are there in the market and most of them use outdated servers. You should know that The server speed of your web site host will influence the speed of your web site. Most of the small hosts also use poor internet connection and it really affects the loading speed of a website. So, be careful before choosing your host. Best hosting sites like Blue host, HostGator use updated servers, power backups(like diesel generators, etc.) and also have high speed and multiple internet connections. Multiple internet connection allows people to access websites even one connection is down.

Optimize Wp Database

Another popular and widely used technique to speed up your blog. You can do it manually or just use a WordPress plugin to make the task simple. Although there are lots of plugins available to Optimize WordPress Database, but my recommendation is WP Database Optimizer plugin. This plugin optimize your WordPress database without accessing phpMyAdmin, as it is risky to access SQL databases if you do not know anything about it.

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