Top 5 Free Blogging Tools

free blogging toolsBlogging is actually a laborious task but it can be made easy just by using some mind blowing tools. Tools are nothing but just coded programs that can help you by significantly reducing your workload. There are thousands of blogging tools available on the Internet, there are tools to calculate your blog’s Pagerank and there are tools to help you with your blog’s SEO settings and with such a wide range of tools available, it becomes difficult to choose between them. So, here is the list of Top 5 Free Blogging Tools and the tools mentioned in this list are 100% safe.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is not a new; it has been present on the internet from the last few years. Google Alerts can help you in getting all kind of latest news for certain kind of topics. For example, let’s say that you are an Android blogger, and then you can add keywords like Android Rooting, Android How To etc in the Google Alert settings and get all kind of updates from it. Google Alerts deliver all the updates on your email address.


Gmail is another free blogging tool provided by Google to all the bloggers. Gmail is a powerful email provider, it has some world-class features like large storage capacity, reliable filters etc. Gmail is even very easy to optimize. If you don’t find yourself comfortable with Gmail, then you can even use alternatives like Yahoo! Outlook, Rediffmail etc.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps in keeping a track of your blog’s visitors. Google Analytics is available 100% free and is provided by Google itself so you can fully trust it. Google Analytics is easy to install, you need to choose the features and they give you an installation code; you just need to place that code on the page whose visitors you want to track. You can even merge your Adsense and Adwords account with Google Analytics and stay productive.

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool or the Google Adwords Tool is the most important and the most useful tool. It can help you a lot in doing keyword research for your blog. Basically it is designed for the Adwords user so you don’t need to completely rely on it. The Google Keyword Tool is not 100% accurate but it can give you a rough idea about the latest keyword trends.


Feedburner, not surprisingly, is owned by Google too! Feedburner is one of the leading RSS Feed creator. Feedburner is used on almost all the high-profile blogs like Digital Inspiration, SML, etc Feeburner also help you in managing your blog’s subscribers.