Top 5 Best Plugins To Speed Up a WordPress Blog

Speed Up a WordPress BlogIf you are a WordPress user like me then you must be interested to know, how to speed up a WordPress blog. A slow loading WordPress blog really irritates users and also not get high rankings on search engines. But thanks to WordPress, as it has plenty of plugins that help you to speed up WordPress blog

Total W3 Cache

It is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugin and most of the famous blogs like Mashable using this great plugin for a long time. Install this plugin on your blog to make it 10 times faster than previous. We also have been using this plugin for last two years. This plugin comes with lots of options that give users amazing optimized features to blogs like minification of source code and CDN integration.

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WP Database Optimizer

Another must have plugin to speed up your WordPress blog. This WordPress plugin will optimize your data table in regular events. It also provide reports of which table is already optimized and which need to be optimized.

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W3 Super Cache

This WordPress plugin caches your PHP page and make copy of your website as HTML page in server and it loads the page whenever it is requested. In simple words W3 Super Cache plugin serves static HTML pages instead PHP dynamic page.

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WP is a very easy to use plugin.This wordpress plugin is used to optimize JPEG file compression, converting certain GIFs to search engine friendly PNGs and so on. By doing this it reduces the size of the images and speed up your blog loading speed.

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Plugin Organizer

This plugin speeds up your WordPress blog by giving you the ability to change the order that your plugins are loaded and also provide options to selectively disable plugins by any post type.

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