Top 4 WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce

WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce With more consumers going online for their shopping needs, your eCommerce site needs to be efficient and reliable. Given that WordPress is such a widely used online platform for small businesses’ websites, they are either launching or improving their online needs with plug-ins for eCommerce.

These various WordPress plug-ins I discuss below will provide you with the necessary tools to satisfy your business’s ecommerce needs.

Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce

WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce is one of the most widely used plug-ins, and it is FREE to download. Being free does not mean that you are sold short on its features. You can choose from pre-made themes or customize one to your own liking. Multiple types of payments are supported such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Payment Express, and even manual payments like checks. Additionally, WP e-Commerce also allows for invoice printing, but you cannot customize them. This plug-in is filled with features and has been proven to be one of the best given the large community of developers using this platform. To access the full range of features offered, you will need to upgrade to the gold version.


Cart66 is ideal for small merchandisers looking to set up ecommerce functionality. Unlike some plug-ins, Cart 66 already contains built in add-ons for shipping through USPS and UPS. You can customize where you want your “purchase” button, and the short codes used in the plug-in aren’t too complex.  For customization, you will not have to worry about needing someone proficient in coding, as Cart66 makes the whole process more user friendly.  The lite version is free, but in order to support things such as subscription based memberships, you will need to upgrade to the pro version ($89-$399).


Shopp is not a free plug-in, but with a starting price of $55 up to $299 for all features, it is worth the money.  It is compatible with any WordPress theme, offering dashboard widgets to view product and sales history, as well as theme and short code widgets that enable you to put Shopp elements and products in your pages.  You can streamline your merchant account with Shopp’s variety of add-ons that will integrate with any merchant services you have established for your business. Some of the customization aspects of Shopp can be complex, so if using this platform you want to have some experience with coding.


Jigoshop is a plug-in that allows you to have a variety of product types with detailed descriptions making your site user friendly for customers. Many other plug-ins can only accommodate a limited number of products, which makes Jigoshop a great option if your business has a large product inventory. If you have online traffic from various countries, Jigoshop can account for that with add-ons for multiple currencies and tax adjustments. There are also widgets available for filtering and products searches.  Like others, Jigoshop starts free, but to access full features and payment extensions you will need to upgrade.

These WordPress plug-ins will definitely help your ecommerce capture some of the increasing online shopping traffic.