Top 3 Tips For Effective Conversion Optimization

effective conversion optimizationThe main motto of every online businessman is to optimize their website pages. People have their own mantra to climb up that mountain. However, I have my own way of building my dream business and conversion optimization is the latest technique of SEO that helps me much in achieving that higher level of success.

Today, I think to share these tips. Among the thousands of other ways, I prefer these three and hope if you are reading this article you too will get the same good consequences of enhancing your conversion rate. Here you go-

1.   All Pages Optimization Along With Landing Page- We take much care of the landing page. Perhaps, you care the most for it. But, what about the other pages? At times, it seems to me that if I am making my only my landing page properly optimized and hence forth I am engaging my visitors, I have the responsibility of hold their interest until they are not my customers. It look like that I have offered someone for tea and then I serve all my cups without sugar. What a bitter situation it would be!

2. Form Optimization- On the landing page, contact us page and other pages I prefer to leave a form for my visitors’ convenience. But, I have observed that in most of the cases, people leave these forms with any consideration. I love to leave, however, form which appealing at the same time, very little time consuming. I place the minimum amount of fields as possible for me. I ideally advocate leaving just five fields in my forms and then make two fields out of the five optional.

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3. Prompting Buttons- Colors, design and theme always make a difference. There are many colors to choose from. But, ultimately, one have to choose a color, which is more of less prompting. I love using blue and green as the color of my website buttons. All submit buttons are of the same color. It help my readers to locate it rightly and then make sure that they have applied for the quote of anything else.

Enhancing conversion rate is the biggest challenge today’s SEO is facing. I think with proper plan and the tips given here, you can easily do so. It’s all about getting the huge number of customer that you want through care and a fair look of your website.