7 Tips to Promote Your Product with Email Marketing Successfully

Tips to Promote Your ProductWhen it comes to email marketing, you need a good strategy to promote your product to your subscribers. This is because when you’re too aggressive in your promotion, your subscribers may not like your method and they will leave your mailing list quickly. And once they left your list, they’re gone forever. You will have difficulty to gain their trust again. That’s why you need a good strategy in your email marketing promotion. Here are 7 tips to promote your product with email marketing successfully:

1. Include your full contact information

In each email that you send to your subscribers, you have to include your full contact information in order to let them know that you’re not trying to scam them. People need to know your full contact information because when you give them this information, people can easily verify that you’re a trustworthy marketer or online businessman. People will be more willing to follow your recommendation if they know who you are and how to reach you.

2. Personalize your message

When you promote something to your subscribers, it is better for you to approach your subscribers with friendly attitude. Why? That’s because it will help you to attract the interest of your subscribers, and when they are interested in you personally, it will be easier for you to convert them into customers. You need to maintain this friendly attitude as long as you’re doing business with them. This is the best approach for you to take. Instead of presenting yourself as a professional or a salesperson, or as a company representative and so on, it is better for you to present yourself as a friend.

3. Don’t put the entire promotion in your email

You need to know that your email shouldn’t contain full promotion about your product. Put the full promotion of the product in your website or landing page. In this way, people will be more comfortable with the promotion and you can present your promotion in a better way. For instance, you can’t put a graphic representative of your product in your plain text email. Thus, you need to direct your subscribers to your landing page in order to show them this product image. Also, the design of your landing page copy will affect your conversion rate. Simply direct your subscribers into your landing page when you promote your product to them. Of course, give them necessary information about the product in your email.

4. Promote only product that helps

Your real aim in your promotion should be to help your subscribers to solve their problem. Thus, you need to promote only product that will help them to do this. Irrelevant product or unnecessary product launch promotion will not help them. Of course, it can benefit them in some way. But, if the product can’t help them and you just simply follow your desire to throw any product to them, your promotion won’t work as you want it to work.

5. Keep testing your promotion

You have to track each of your promotion. In this way, you will be able to see which one works for you and which one is not. Make sure that you don’t promote too many products in a short period of time because it will only confuse your subscribers. However, testing is important to determine which promotion brings you good conversion. Once you’ve determined your winning formula, you can stick to it to keep a stable conversion rate.

6. Push one product at a time

Those who fail in email marketing promotion usually are people with too many products to promote in a short period of time. How can your subscribers follow you if you don’t have any clear product to promote? Today, you promote product A. Tomorrow, you promote product B. Next week, you promote product C. And so on. You keep changing your recommendation and that makes your subscribers confused and a little bit annoyed. Now, change your promotion strategy by promoting one product at a time. Of course, you need to set the period for each promotion. But, the best period is between 1-2 months for each promotion.

7. Become an ethical email marketer

You can’t just throw away an advertisement every time you send an email to your subscribers. This will be called spam by standard. And this is unethical, especially for email marketers. Yes, you want to make money, but you have to make money ethically. You have to plan a strategic promotion for your product. You shouldn’t just promote your product, but you have to also provide excellent customer service for them. By customer service it means that you have to be ready to help them anytime they need your help, and you have to give them valuable advice and recommendation.

Those are 7 tips to promote your product with email marketing successfully. Those tips will help you to generate more sales and increase your conversion rate in your email marketing campaign.

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