Tips for planning a mobile marketing strategy

mobile marketing strategyMobile marketing simply refers to a strategic way of two or more sided method of marketing communication between a business and its target customer base.  On an average every five persons among six has a mobile connection. The impact of such marketing criteria on purchasing patterns of the consumers though is dependent on numerous factors; it definitely has a deep reach in just communicating the intended message to the customer.

More About Mobile marketing Strategy

Smartphone is the talk of the town these days. Smartphone users are expected to rise sharply as compared to other mobile users in the coming year. This pushes the online world a step ahead.

  • Online businesses need to gear up their websites to be compatible with mobile phone browsers. Online shopping, bookings, reservations etc through mobile phones are already catching up the pace along with mobile banking.
  • Location based marketing techniques are explored in recent times. Using GPS technology, the GPS enabled mobile phones receive ads which are specific to that location only. This is best suited for small and medium sized businesses like restaurants, saloon, apparels showrooms etc.
  • Even businesses whose display websites are not mobile compatible should go back to drawing boards to redesign their website structures. Global mobile marketing world is said to be more than $15 b now and will rise steeply as the global economic scenario is recovering.
  • Apps specially created for mobile phones are catching up with the mobile marketing trend. Creating unique and brand oriented mobile apps is the one of the best ways of reminding your customers about your brand.
  • Mobile coupons are now being tried and tested by various businesses to invite customers to stores, restaurants and showrooms, and the concept is working well.
  • Social media and networking is expected to be operated through mobile phones vastly. This gives marketing teams a dimension to market their business through social media.
  • With rise in smartphone buyers, mobile compatible videos are new arenas to market business. Mobile social games and competitions are said to increase too.

When it comes to mobile phones, texts are an inseparable part and it has been so right from the beginning. With maximum reach and conversion ratio, marketing through text messages has had better efficiency as compared to Email marketing or audio – visual advertisements. It’s easier and cheaper for a small business to advertise in the local market through text messages.

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