Three Tips On Converting Your Blog Visitors Into Customers

You are a business and you’ve decided to use a blog to attract more customers, build recognition of your brand, and increase the amount of people that know your business exists. But what are you doing with that blog?

You can spend some time researching on how often to post and what times of the day are likely to bring you more readers to a new post. But even more important than when you are posting and how often, you need to pay attention to what you are posting. Some posts will bring more readers than others.

Offer Them What They Want

If you want to earn the love and trust of your blog readers, you need to make sure that your posts are offering them what they want and need. People want useful information on the things that they are interested in. They want it offered in a way that is easy for them to read and understand.

Make sure that your blog posts are well researched and offer something more and different than other similar posts on other blogs. Also, make sure that if your visitors are leaving comments you respond in a timely manner.


Not sure what they want? Ask them. Use social media to get a feel of what your fans would stop by to read.

Give Them Direction (call to action)

First of all, make your website visual. If you want to give your blog something different, don’t just post the normal paragraph or two of info, give it something fancy and colorful. Have your readers reading from top to bottom because they have to in order to get the information.

Don’t forget the importance of a call to action too. At the bottom of every one of your blog posts you should be offering your readers a next step, whether it’s a link to something more to read or to your contact page, or a request for them to call and schedule a consultation.

Pay Attention To Your Message

Your message should emotionally touch your readers if you want to convert them into customers. Make sure that you are speaking to the heart of the matter and paying attention to what matters to the people that are already your customers.

You can tell if you’ve reached your audience by how many views, comments, and shares a post is getting.

It helps to do some research and pay attention to which of your blog posts do attract the most viewers and do what you can to use that information to make all of your posts attract a great deal of readers. However, you also need to keep doing the things above to convert those readers into customers!