Three Tips for Writing a Viral Blog Post

Tips for Writing a Viral Blog PostThough the term “viral” has negative connotations associated with it (rightly so), in the world of internet marketing and blogging it is a positive thing. For bloggers and avid internet goers, becoming a viral internet sensation is equivalent to Hollywood stardom. With thousands and thousands of new blogs entering the blogosphere each day, standing out among the crowd is an impressive accomplishment. Whether we are blogging for a profit or hoping to get our message to the masses (or both), we are always seeking to be more visible, reach more people, and gain more popularity with each new blog post. Despite the fact that vast popularity is always the goal, many bloggers overlook the very basic aspects of creating a viral internet machine. Use these three tips to create a blog that will take the blogosphere by storm:

Tips For Writing a Viral Blog Post

Build a Brand

Constructing your blog name and domain into a strong and recognizable brand is the first step to internet popularity. The name and web URL are two of the most important things associated with your blog. Create a name for your blog that is informative and intriguing. This is what people will recognize your posts by and what they will use to visit your site again. Furthermore, your website’s URL is equally as important. Try to obtain a simple and clear URL that visitors will remember and be able to locate again easily. Try to avoid using blogging platforms that require sub-domains. These can make a URL difficult to recognize and hard to remember. Your blog’s name should say something about what your blog is about and what your readers should expect. Many bloggers overlook the importance of branding in their search for web popularity. Successful blogging is all about getting readers to visit your site a second, third, and fourth time. Without a clear name and reliable URL, visitors cannot return.

Make it Hot

Becoming a sensation means you have to do something sensational. This can be tricky on the internet. With so much information and content online, it can be difficult to find something that will stand out. For your next post, if you really want to go viral, try being a little out there. Do not stray from your interests and niche, but send out something you (and your readers) have never seen before. Be inflammatory and controversial. This is not to say that you should completely let loose, but why not start some buzz? Write a post that will spark some debate and get people talking. Good conversation can be had from posts like this and they may be the key to really achieving what you want from your blogging career.

Be the First

One of the best strategies for going viral on the web is being the first one to cover something. Obviously, this can be a major challenge in the world of the web, but it is not completely impossible. Follow news sites that fall within your niche area and try to find breaking news that you would like to discuss. There are various plug-ins and apps available that can notify you about breaking news on Yahoo, Google, and other RSS feeds. Use these tools to learn about the news quickly and easily. Write a post that gives your opinion on a breaking topic in the news and watch visitors flock to your post. Because that subject is already in the news, people will be searching for it. Some individuals may stumble across your post as they are scouring the major search engines about the topic. If you can be the first to discuss the hot news for your niche regularly, readers will start to come to your blog for the news rather than searching in other areas.