The Top 6 Alternatives to Google Reader

Alternatives to Google ReaderEveryone knows the fact that Google is shutting down its ‘Google Reader’. Many people are now feeling bad for it. However, it is not certainly end of the world, as you have so many other great reading apps available. They come up with extraordinary features and imported tools to keep you well organized. This article is just to help you in this case. Here you are going to find out top six best alternatives to Google reader.

1.     Digg

Digg is now ready to introduce their reader app on the same day when Google is shutting down its reader. Digg is planning to do a perfect launch for their reader and this time they are going to be better than ever. Social media has a great impact on internet. Therefore, digg takes this opportunity to incorporate all the aspects of social media in their reader. They are doing this to find out the minds and wished of the people, so that they can create their reader as per the user’s needs and wishes. Digg is actually making a comeback and so, we can expect a better service from it. If it goes well with all the aspects of social media, then it will better serve as the best alternative for Google reader.

2.     The Old Reader

It is free. It comes with the same old look of your old Google reader. Therefore, for the users who likes the look and design of Google reader will certainly get satisfied with this. As like Digg, the old reader also tries to incorporate the social media aspects and so, it becomes possible for you to share your reading status with your friends and to follow them as you do in Google reader. They currently do not have a mobile app and they are working on it. It is possible to find your friends on the old reader through Facebook, Google contacts etc. May be they can consider changing their name really which is the only downside here.

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3.     Feedly

This is also free. And, it has been around in the news for quite a while. The first thing that has to be noted with feedly, it is not compatible with IE and the IE users have to bear with it. The firefox and chrome users can use it well and they require installing a plugin to use this reader. Like other readers above, this reader is also a social media supporting tool. You can easily share things with your social media friends. The best part of this reader is you can sync this reader to your Google reader account and you can simply transfer your subscriptions from there to your feedly account. The drawback of this reader is a simple issue that is nothing but the downtime of feedly server will not let you to use this reader, but it happens very rarely it seems.

4.     NewsBlur

You have an option here to choose from either free version or the premium one. The free version lets you use the reader with some restrictions. The restrictions are applicable to the sharing option of blogs and stories. I mean you will feel restriction after you shared 64 blogs and 10 stories at a time. If you wish to enjoy unlimited freedom, then you can subscribe with the premium version for just $24 a year. The good thing here is you can view the original website of each article. It seems they have stopped new user registration for ‘free version’. From Newblur, you can copy the content to your blurblog, edit and organize it as you wish similar to what you do in Google reader.

5.     Bloglines

It is an awesome reader and it has secured a good place among the other readers. The reason why this reader is consider to be great is it allows your feed to be location specific and it allows you through widgets to optimize and organize your usage. It also allows you to synchronize your current subscriptions to make you ensure that you lose nothing in the process. The drawback here is when you switch over the page from widgets to reader view; the page will resemble more like an inbox. You can prefer looking it in image format if you wish to read the texts in visual display. At the same time, Google reader allows you to read the article with a perfect display like bigger and bold headings and a piece of the article. However, this reader makes a certain place in the minds of the people who look for the best alternatives for Google reader.

6.     Yahoo Pipes

A perfect option for the product promoters and advertisers because you can perfectly filter and sort out the content of the article as per your need and wish, which is not actually possible with other kind of readers. You can create filters using keywords in yahoo pipes and create filter for popular topics and searches. The problem with this reader is it is unsightly. It will look more like an inbox and the way of processing information will be somewhat tough. The best part is it lets you create your own RSS feeds on your filtered RSS newsfeed.