SWOT Analysis of Blogging

SWOT analysisWelcome back to EarningDiary.I did lots of SWOT analysis during my MBA. But this is the first one as a blogger. Most of you don’t know what is SWOT. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In a single line “It is a useful analysis that takes into consideration not only your own business but your competitors activities and current industry happenings as well”.

Why SWOT analysis is important?

Now a days blogging becomes a very profitable business. Most of the bloggers making their living through blogging. Analysis helps you to find out the internal and external factors affecting your blog. So once SWOT is done you will be able to focus more on your strengths, limit your weaknesses, get more benefits from your opportunities and protect your blog from possible threats.


  1. Blogging allows to speak to the whole world directly from home.
  2. Able to increase knowledge in internet marketing.
  3. Blogging improves writing skills.
  4. Another strength of blogging is that It makes you popular around the world.
  5. Creative and innovative ideas.
  6. Employ other peoples under you.


  1. Poor SEO skills.
  2. Lack of traffic generation methods
  3. Lost interest and focusĀ  in blogging within a short period.
  4. Out of new article ideas.
  5. Lack of knowlegde in internet business.


  1. MakeĀ  money online from home.
  2. Selling own products through a blog.
  3. Turn whole blog into a book or ebook and sell all over the world.
  4. Can blog anywhere and anytime.


  1. Lack of time to blog
  2. Highly competitive niche.
  3. Unreliable host.
  4. Duplicate content.
  5. Spamming.

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