Statpress Plugin-Google Analytics Alternative

google analytics alternativeMost of the bloggers use Google analytics on their blog to show their blog stats. But there is another cool plugin named statpress you can use as Google analytics alternative. Although both are used for show blog statistics, they are different from each other and both have some plus and minus. For example Google analytics is a java script application, statpress on the other hand is written on PHP. So, if some visitors who disable javascript in their browsers give a visit to your blog would not be recorded by Google analytics.

More About Stapress

This plugin (a highly improved fork of StatPress) shows you real time statistics about your blog.It collects information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS etc.-From

Features of statpress

* Last hits : give you a detail information about last hits on your blog.

* Last search terms : this is very powerful feature , I bet you will love it because it’s my favorite feature from this plugin.

* Last referral : give you the detail information about where the traffic came from.

* Last page : information about last page visited on your blog.

* Tons of other powerful feature.

This is a free plugin so you don’t have to pay a cent for this plugin and you don’t have to visit another site like Google analytics. So, please try this cool WordPress plugin and get real times stats of your blog every time you want.