Spam Marketing-How to Squeeze the Maximum Benefit

spam marketingEveryone is bombarded with spam messages. However, some spams are phishing attacks whereas others are people trying to sell legit products. This post is about the latter.

Spamming is good and is beneficial only when you know the ‘art of spamming’. Yes, you heard it right. Although the name ‘Spam’ annoys, it has some potential of marketing. Here I have presented some tips to help with spamming.

Be Transparent

The internet is mixture of legit and false promises. Readers are well aware of this fact. Every time they are about to purchase; they look for a brand or person to whom they can rely. Spam messages are no exceptions to this fact. When you are sending a spam message, ensure to show yourself. Better than that, if you have a website show your brand image. Showing who you are will eliminate any fear and increase trust (to some extent)

Use Mailing lists

People are more annoyed upon receiving a spam message through Gmail, Yahoo! etc. If you cannot afford to use Mailing services like Aweber or MailChimp then you cannot be trusted. These mailing services have affordable pricing that will suit most. However, those who are starting from scratch might find it difficult. Fortunately, MailChimp comes as a savior. It provides free service up to 2000 subscribers with 12,000 mails per month.

Sender’s name

While looking at a mail the first sight falls at the sender’s name. As said earlier, you have to be transparent. If you are sending mail as an individual then make your name visible. On the other hand, if you are representing your brand then integrate your brand’s name. If you are representing as an individual then the message should be a personal and vice versa if you are representing a brand.

Subject Line

The Subject line is also important. Generally, spam mails are sent for the first time. Therefore, subject of the message must be catchy. It should be neither too formal nor too informal. Depending upon the interest of your readers you should sketch what is best.


Spammers take body of the mail for granted. Write an interesting body, which will benefit the reader. You can use either HTML format or plain text, whichever suits best. Elaborate wherever necessary and be brief where required. Consider them as your customers and treat them the same way, as you would do a respectable customer. Just writing a four line body and expecting a high CTR(Click Through Rate) without letting your readers know what is it all about is not only insane but the worst thing to do.

Allow them to Unsubscribe

I receive several spams without the ability to unsubscribe which infuriates me. If you do not provide the ability to unsubscribe then you are spoiling any future correspondence. A reader is infuriated upon finding a mail, which cannot be opted out. Moreover, such readers will ensure that they never come across your brand or you. Therefore, it is good to provide the ability to unsubscribe.

Spamming is like any another art. Just follow the above guidelines for reaping the maximum benefit.