Shared Hosting vs. VPS – Choosing The Right One for Your Website

vps vs. shared hostingYou can get web hosting in a number of packages, but getting the best deal can be difficult. The most common form of hosting is shared hosting, mainly because it does mostly all of the tasks needed by most website owners, and is cheaper too.


Shared hosting has thousands of different people’s websites on the same servers. VPS means “Virtual Private Server”. This makes VPS hosting more private and therefore more secure.

Security of Shared Hosting

The most common comparison that is given to VPS vs. shared hosting is that of apartment blocks. A shared hosting service is the same as having an apartment in a larger building. You share the same staircases, elevators and mailrooms. You are able to lock your apartment, and put in a burglar alarm. However if a fire runs through the apartment building, then all are affected.

Security of VPS

VPS compared to shared hosting is more like having your own house on its own, in the grounds next to the apartment block. Sure it is more expensive, but the fire needs to start on your house specifically before any damage occurs; plus you do not have to share its features with anyone.

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 Compromised Security

If a virus runs through a data center, it is the same as a building fire as it would damage all of the information within. VPS is your little house that is more private, because you do not have people walking past you as you enter. You have more control over what you do with the house. You can add a nice big chimney if you like. So, using a VPS host is more secure – but yes, it is more expensive. You can install your own firewalls if you like, as well as numerous other programs. In a similar fashion to buying your little VPS house, you are still going to have to abide by some rules. You would probably not be allowed to cover the house in ox blood, in the same way that VPS may limit the way you set up your firewall.

 Minimum VPS Firewall Limits

Typically though, VPS have minimum firewall limits. They do not want their server getting full of viruses.

 Technological Difficulty

Shared hosting is good for people who do not want to delve too deeply into the technological side of hosting. They would prefer to stay away from the hassle of setting up and maintaining a VPS.

IP address

Getting a dedicated IP address will allow people to feel a little more secure when they buy shared hosting. In this case, the person buying the service will be able to take credit card payments. It also stops their sites from being black listed by search engines, such as when someone else who was sharing your IP address was spamming.


As previously stated, if you want all of the benefits of VPS, then you need to pay for it. This is why most websites are hosted on a shared host. It is cheaper and easier to run, use and manage.

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