Private Domain Name Registration: What It Is And Why Register Privately

When you reserve a domain name with most registries, your name, address and even your telephone number becomes instantly available through a process known as WhoIs. However, when you register your domain name privately, you can keep this information private. Beyond keeping your personal contact information safe, there are other benefits to private domain name registration. Private Domain name registration

Why Register Privately?
As mentioned before, registering a domain name will automatically publish your contact information on the Internet for everyone to see. This happens thanks to an agree with the domain name governing authority. However, you can avoid having your personal information published by registering your domain name privately. This means that when someone looks at the WHOSIS information on your URL, they will find the domain registrar’s information rather than yours. Registering your domain privately will not void any of your rights when it comes to how your domain is used.

How do I Register a Domain Privately?
All you have to do to register your domain name privately is to let your domain registrar know that this is your intent. Most registrars will require you to pay an additional fee to do so. However, in most cases, this is a nominal fee and the benefits you get are much more valuable. If the registrar you choose doesn’t provide information regarding private registration in an obvious place, simply ask a customer service representative if it an option with their service. Private registration is available with all of the larger registrars and most of the smaller ones.

Must I provide valid contact information for a private domain registration?
Yes. In order to comply with the terms and conditions of registering a domain name, you must provide your actual information including your name, address and telephone number to the registrar. They will retain this information during the period that you have an active registry with their company in accordance with international domain name laws. However, with a private registry, they will simply not make this information public. This will ensure that not only is your domain registry compliance with the law but that the registrar can reach you in the event there are problems with your domain name. If you choose to provide erroneous information to the registrar, they can cancel your registry and revoke all services being provided to you under the terms of your agreement.

If you are looking to reserve a domain name and want to keep your information private, registering your domain name privately is the best way to go. Ask your domain name registrar about this very useful service today.