Myths to Be Avoided While Designing a Website

Designing a WebsiteDesign stands out to be the crux of a website. However, in the process there are common myths which are to be avoided by the developers. Following are the common myths:-

Website’s presentation matters a lot

If you think that by using too many colors on the website, you will give a completely different look and it will attract increasing numbers of visitors, then you are wrong. It will prove to be a death knell as visitors will be totally confused and they will refrain from visiting the website. Hence, you need to prepare specific color scheme after carefully analyzing. It can be done if you keep the text in a dark color against a light back ground or vice-versa.

Use various images

It is indeed a complete myth and there is no reality in the same. As if your website consists of various visual elements, then it will only result in increasing your woes. Therefore, you need to maintain a proper text to image ratio on your site. If it is not done, then it is going to take too much time to load which in turn will irritate visitors.

Flash enhances the look of your website

It again stands out to be a myth as you do not need it towards making the site more attractive. Your site can get a coveted look with HTML as it has far more utility than Flash.

Content is not important

If you think that the importance of content is not much, then you are wrong. Your visitors will not get many reasons to visit your website, since in all probability they will not get the requisite information which they are searching. Hence, they are not getting any reasons to visit your website. Therefore, you need to put relevant content on the site. You have to equally make sure that it is updated on timely basis. Hence, visitors will find a refreshing and innovative look; thereby it is going to appeal the masses.

Finally, if you are looking to design a website, then be cautious about the aforesaid myths, and save yourself from embarrassment in the long run.