Must Have Online Tools For Bloggers

online tools for bloggersWelcome back to EarningDiary. Today I would like to share some important online based tools useful for bloggers. Blogging tools are nothing but different types of softwares to make your blogging easy and simple. So, here is the list of some popular internet based blogging tools to customize your blog-

Best Online Tools For Bloggers

1. Filezilla :-FileZilla is a open source software which is used to upload files to your server(FTP). This FTP(File Transfer Protocol) software is distributed free of charge under the General Public License(GNU).

2. Windows Live Writer :-Windows live writer is one of the popular offline writing tools. This application is very popular among bloggers. This tool provides lots of options like insert videos, images,link codes on an article.

3. Capture Full Page :-Capture full page is a free and must have screen capturing tools for bloggers. FireShot comes with lots of options including capture visible area, capture entire page, capture browser window etc.But the available output formats are only JPEG (smaller file size) and PNG (better quality).

4. Picasa :-I bet you know about picasa. Picasa Web Albums allows you to organize, edit, and upload your photos to the web from your computer in quick, simple steps. The amazing tool is from Google.

5. Watermark Tool :-Another must have internet tools for bloggers. This tool protect your images and prevent other bloggers to use your images just by adding a watermark. This awesome web based watermark tool allows you to watermark any of your photos with a variety set of options and effects.

6. BrowserShots :-It is a useful online browser compatibility check tool tool to check how a blog/website looks in all popular browsers.

7. VideoLobby:-This tool helps you create your own video show. You can create a professionally styled webcast in a easy way with this awesome tool. Use this tool for independent video broadcasting.

8. IMG4Me :-A handy web based tool to convert text in to a image instantly. Simply type your text,select the background and font color and your image is ready. This tools helps you to prevent your privacy and online information being collected by web crawlers, robots, or spiders.

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