List of 54 Do Follow Forums

dofollow forumsWelcome back to EarningDiary. As we know that getting quality backlinks is very important to increase our pagerank. Higher pagerank means higher position in search engines.Higher SERP brings you lots of traffic that really help us to make money online. There are lots of ways to get backlink from other blogs or forums. One of popular way is commenting on other do follow blogs or forums. But in this post I’ll talk about only do follow forums. Commenting on do follow forums brings lots of organic traffic plus backlink juice. Organic traffic always play an important role when we talk about make money online with PPC or Affiliate marketing.

Please “Don’t spam“-this is the most important thing you should remember before commenting onĀ  dofollow forums/blogs. Otherwise forum owner or Google will penalize you. Here is the list-

1. Adobe Forums
2. Ableton Forums
3. Acorn Domain Name Forums
4. Australian Webmaster
5. App Developers
6. Bloggapedia Forum
7. Bloggertalk Forum
8. Book and Reader Forums
9. CNET Forums
10 .Check This Up
11. Capital Theory
12. Cre8asite Forums
13. ComputerBB
14. Digitalpoint Forums
15. Dish News Media Network
16. Discuss4fun
17. DEV Hunters
18. Delphi Forums
19. DNForum
20. Elance Talk
21. Frog Engine
22. Fight Again Strecession
23. Free host Forum
24. Gardenweb
25. Go Live Wire
26. Geek Point
27. Harmony-Central Forums
28. Hittail Forum
29. HTML Forums
31. IQ69 Forum
32. Inbound Links Forum
33. Irish Webmaster Forum
34. Mysql Forum
35. MSDN Forums
36. SEO In
37. Seo Talk Media Network
38. SitePoint Forums
39. Sms Bucket
40. Submit Express Forums
41. Teamaguilar Forum
42. Text Pattern
44. Ubuntu Forums
45. v7n Forums
46. Web Zone Talk Forum
47. Website Babble
48. Webmaster Serve
49. Web Cosmo Forums
50. Web Digity
51. Webmaster Forums Online
52. Webmaster-Forum
53. Web Design Forum
54. wowzamedia Forum

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