Keeping an Entrepreneurial Mindset Will Help You Grow Your Business

grow your businessContrary to popular belief, a business owner isn’t necessarily an entrepreneur. You can be good with numbers, have excellent customer service and develop useful products, but it takes more to be a successful entrepreneur. The difference isn’t so much in what you do; it’s in the way you think.

An entrepreneurial mindset is what makes the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you see inconveniences as opportunities. You notice people’s needs and find ways to fill them. You have a constant stream of ideas for ventures and are always looking for ways to expand. You are adventurous and curious. You aren’t afraid to take risks.

However, few people are born with this entrepreneurial spirit. You might not naturally see the potential for ventures in everyday tasks, but you can still cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. Here are a few things you can do to practice thinking differently.

  1. Surround yourself with entrepreneurs. We usually become like those we spend our time with, so surround yourself with forward-thinking people. Attend conferences and get to know the other participants. Network with people you admire. Making friends with naturally gifted entrepreneurs will allow you see how they think of things, which can help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset as well.
  2. Talk about your ideas. Sometimes talking about something makes it feel more tangible. When you come up with ideas for new ventures, talk about them with co-workers, family and friends. See how they sound when you explain them and listen to feedback you receive. As you explain your ideas, you’ll likely find more will come.
  3. Do something every day that scares you. Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to take risks. If the idea of expanding your business scares you, practice getting out of your comfort zone. Take small chances every day, even if they aren’t work-related. Set higher goals for yourself and your company. Enter contests. Contact big clients and pitch to investors who intimidate you. As you leave your comfort zone, you expand it. And after taking several small risks, the big ones won’t seem so daunting.

Breanna Olaveson is a professional writer and editor and has been featured in various magazines, including Utah Valley BusinessQ, Utah Valley Magazine, Liahona, Ensign and MainStreet. She has a B.S. in communications and continues to write about business, entrepreneurship,success, lifestyle and more. She is currently working with Professional Marketing International helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.

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