Is It Okay To Add Affiliate Banners On My Blog In Order To Earn Passive Income?

add affiliate bannersHave you observed that when you do visit a blog, you will see a lot of banners on the left and right side? If you are going to move your mouse, point to each of the banner and click, you will be redirected to another website. Here you will see a sales page, wherein you will be enticed to buy a product. Once you click buy it now or order the product and make a payment, the blog owner of which you have clicked the banner from will earn a commission out of the sale. This is the beauty of affiliate marketing. No wonder most blogs do have loads of banners placed strategically to attract readers to click them.

By now, you will already know the answer to the question if it is okay to add affiliate banners on to your blog in order to earn passive income. The answer is a definite yes. To make you to be more convinced to do the same, read on.

The following are the reasons why it is okay to add affiliate banners on your blog:

1. It adds more color and depth to your blog

A blog should be a reflection of a blog owner’s personality. Putting up banners into your blog can add a little bit of your personality into it without having to be more literal about it. The easiest way to make it all happen, all it takes is copy the code for affiliate link (banners) and pastes it where you want on your blog. That’s it.

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2. No more boring looking blogs that visitors would want to leave in an instant-

What makes visitors want to leave a blog right away is that it looks boring, nothing new or refreshing to look at. Basically, it is a pale looking blog that does not give off value to the visitors or readers. With banners, you can be assured off that there is something that will tickle the visualization of your readers and perhaps get intrigued, maybe later they will sign up for it or buy that product.

3. Higher possibility to earn passive income monthly

Being an affiliate of a digital product or any kind of product online can be a good source of passive income. If you want to make your blog be earning money for you, think out of the box. Get out of the world of writing and waiting for money to come without doing anything. What you need to do is basically try new things like being an affiliate marketer, post banners on your blog and wait for money to start coming in for you.


Although, this does not guarantee that you would be earning a good sum of money but it’s all worth a try.
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