Important Checklist Plus Guide Before Starting a Blog

starting a blogI have been blogging for last one year.In this period I have seen many people who started blogging for a period of 5-6 months and then leave.Most of those people did not have a proper plan for their blog. I believe this is the main reason for their failure.If you are someone planning to start your blog then I have a checklist  plus guide you must have before starting a blog.

1. Choose a profitable but less competitive niche.

2. Buy your own domain name. Remember dot com is the most popular extension and it will not cost you more than $10. You can grab a domain from Godaddy for a cheap price.

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How to find a killer domain name

3. Buy an unlimited hosting package.Don’t forget to read some reviews of  the hosting provider. Host Gator is the most popular and reliable hosting provider. If you buy hostgator hosting through my link I’ll give you a discount of $9.94 of the package price. Click here and use coupon code earningdiary to get special discount from me. Other wise you can go for a free blogging platform like blogger or

4. Now it’s the time to design your site.You can hire a professional designer or you can buy a template.If you are looking for a cool looking but low budget theme then you can buy it from themejunkie.

5. After installing your theme, you have to complete another crucial step. Do you want to make your blogging easy? Then you should install some wordpress plugin.If you are new then you may be confused because thousands of wordpress plugins are there. Don’t worry, here is a post to help you to know the essentials plugins for you-5 must have wordpress plugins. Don’t forget to install web analytics code.Web analytics can tell what’s become hot on your blog,from where your visitors come, what most people like etc.

6. Your blog is almost ready.Now add a Contact me and About Me   page.Remember these are the must have page on your blog.

7. Now the real challenge begin-content creation for your blog.Make a short cool post about your blog and your niche. If it is possible try to publish a new article everyday.

Checklist to make your blog better day by day

1. Update your blog regularly.

2. Visit various social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter daily.

3. Be active in forums.

4. Leave comments regularly on other blogs on your Niche

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